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  1. I ama so sorry
  2. We have a really good all you can eat Chinese buffet here that I've hit on cheat day too. So disgustingly delicious
  3. My roommate's dog has a thing for my homemade pastrami. He's usually just mildly dog-ish when we eat (i.e doesn't really care/expect to get anything), but when I'm eating that, he loses it. We've only seen him act like that twice - the two times I've made pastrami. And he's never even tasted it.
  4. I made some pho.

    And I made my first rage comic which is related

  5. 30892770343_af7d3382b1_k.jpg

    Made some Soto Madura
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  6. oh I like food I make it all the time , its really fancy and from scratch but you have to have me on snapchat to see it since thats basically only where I post it
  7. Tonight. Chinese with italian, chili beef with Tommasi red vine.
  8. I made my own ramen for dinner.
  9. depends, this evening asian food with a nice bobun and some soja salad
  10. Sounds unpatriotic
  11. I like italian, asian, american, german, austrian, russian, scandinavian, french, greek, turkish, australian, south african, finish and swedish food but I can't stand english and arab food.
  12. Scandinavian food is all about boiled dirt and rotten fish
  13. according to you but not in my opinion
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    Aren't you ashamed of eating pinko food, such as "soya salad"? It's extremely disrespectful towards the victims of Pearl Harbor and their families.
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  15. Just pizza.
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  16. That is some goofy lookin' crust but I would eat the shit out of that shit. Shit.
  17. That's some no yeast, no wait dough that came out extra crunchy, although a little bland in flavor.
  18. is that manna
    unleavened bread sent to you by the Creator
  19. There's sour cream in it.
  20. [​IMG]

  21. I eat this so much when i'm in Indonesia. It's by far the best thing i've ever had.
  22. can you make that pizza gluten free please
  23. LOL my Italian blood is boiling

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