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  1. And lactose-free and vegan and overall satanic?
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  2. I made some fried chicken a couple of nights ago and it was a failed attempt. Next time - lower heat, more time and smaller pieces. Had to add oven time and re-fry to get everything cooked through and that ruined the flavor.
  3. First new potatoes for this summer.

  4. is that all the protein youre having
  5. That meal looks so scandinavian. Very minimalistic.
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  6. i hope that's herring.
  7. Translate gave "Common whitefish" for "Siika"

    To be honest I did add a sausage and egg on the plate after taking the photo mid cooking.
  8. yaay
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  9. Those tomatoes are crying for some basil. Maybe some toasted pine nuts as well. And olive oil.
  10. Generally speaking, tomatos grown at these latitudes are beyond redemption, no matter how many units of olive oil are poured on them. It's an issue of 90% harvesting the tomatos too early and ripening them with ethylene to facilitate logistics, 60% of too little sunlight and 48% of the wrong cultivars being grown, the result being 760% shittier tomatos than in Judenland.

    Farmers who procure such inferior crap should be hanged for war crimes.
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  11. Honestly, our produce is great. From my experience - second only to tropical places like Thailand, where everything just grows.

    But I thought Scandinavian countries import their veggies...
  12. so last week
    I tried watermelon + fried chicken for lunch

    it was DEL-LI-CIOUSSSS
  13. I made my own baklava and it turned out great.
  14. Made pulled pork sandwiches last night. Let the pork simmer in the slow cooker for 48 hours. Was excellent.
  15. I know everybody's been cooking a hell of a lot more. Share some stuff.
  16. Made my first ever loaf of bread.
  17. IMG_20200323_192534__01.jpg

    I made a steak and kidney pie because I didn't get any in England :(

    It was scrumptious, I now have fatty liver disease.
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  18. **** no, I'm Murikan. We have a plethora of microwavable food and plebs that bring us food.
    I did grill some steak and beef ribs Saturday.
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  19. At first, all the delivery services were working like crazy here. But then after a few days, people realized they can't order out 3 meals each day, so they started cooking. Now there are actually layoffs in the food delivery industry.
    Not supermarket deliveries, though. Those are going very strong.
  20. Last night I made the best mashed potatoes I've ever made. That is all.
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  21. We ate kfc last night. My stomach has been upset all night.
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  22. That’s why you only eat it once a year. To remind yourself to only eat it once a year
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  23. We don't have KFC here, so everytime we're abroad, we crave it.
    They did reopen recently, but for some reason they started with Nazareth.

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