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  1. I can remember when our local football team played our club rugby team in football, the rugby team let them wear all of their gear minus the helmets, and absolutely shit kicked them.
  2. How on earth is it possible to be "far more impressive" than a 6'5" man who weighs over 250 pounds who can keep up with Olympic sprinters? It just isn't, unless you're simply talking an enormous load of bullshit. Which you are.

    If you're referring to him not giving any hits, it's because he played on the wing and as such it was his task to be at the end of the line and run the ball over the tryline.
  3. If you havent played it as a team, with tackling, you really dont understand a lot. There is so much more than what you see on TV
  4. Like the invisable things that the camera doesn't see then? Are there invisable extra balls??
  5. Have you ever seen Walter Payton break tackles, knock people much larger than he on their asses? all of this at 5-10, 200 pounds? There is really nothing impressive of a big guy running over smaller people, thats easy, ive done it plenty of times
  6. obviously you dont
  7. Enlighten me as to what were're all missing out on if we watch a game on TV.
  8. Americans only watch american football. The rest of the world only watches rugby.

    so its # of americans vs # of the rest of the world members.
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  10. i voted for Rugby, even though its the reason i have metal screws in my arm.
  11. Dallas Cowboys

    I mean American Football
  12. It was posted as a reply to whoever said rugby players are inferior physical specimens to nfl players, you stupid dickhead.

    If you want examples of normally-sized wingers handing off forwards they'll probably be readily available. But then you won't look for them because you're too desperately afraid that something non-american might actually be tougher than you lot. OH #$%#ING NOES!
  13. Haha +1!
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    You aren't going to believe this, but a proper rugby player would've run through a fair few of those hits. Half of them look bad, simply because the dude is running upright when he gets hit. If you get down low, say waist height, hits certainly don't look that big, and most of those guys would've bounced off.
  15. rugby, american football is too stop-start for my liking
  16. I watched the last Super Bowl and after that guy made the record dash for the touchdown he was on oxygen .. #$%#ING OXYGEN after running 80 yards.

    So forget your tackles, padding and pissing contests about world wars, for that reason alone I choose rugby.

    I've played rugby, I've seen bad injuries and people get seriously injured, paralysed and killed playing rugby too.
    Your "OMG our sport is so tough people would die without padding" argument might be true but it doesn't negate the fact that the same happens in rugby. Most injuries happen through not tackling or being tackled properly.

  17. People die(d) in football with padding on, what is your point?
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  19. That it is a point not worth making.

    "oooh ooooh we had more deaths, look how hard we are"
  20. oh...
  21. They jump because they have to catch the ball and jump over lines men?
  22. rugby. American football is a pvssy version of rugby
  23. yah, from overheating
  24. yes thats why they jump, and its also why the tackles look so hard, when in fact they arent really.
  25. I guess they get paralyzed from over heating too.

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