Football Or Rugby

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  1. on a completely seperate note, real football (soccer) is far better than any of the aforementioned sports.
  2. lots of players die in training from overheating/dehydrating.
  3. they have a time limit of 40 seconds, most dont even use that much time unless they want to waste the clock and tire the defense
  4. pretty sad since they should know better
  5. lol that only shows how stupid they are.
  6. Jesus H Christ. I didn't realize I was on the AAMR forums.
  7. Football, greatest sport ever.
  8. I believe he's talking about rugby.
  9. i dont know who/what the AAMR forums are, but whatever you are arguing, it must automatically be wrong because you are arguing FOR american football. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    anyway, the thread isnt even about which players are the toughest its about which is the better sport.
  10. actually i was talking about football
  11. rugby players are just as stupid as american football players...
  12. What the hell does timing have to do with anything if you don't know how hard the task is?
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    But taking a hit really doesn't depend on how big the guy doing the hitting is. If you take it correctly, you'll never end up looking like that.
  14. all other ball sports you have to make descisions on the spot. it requires quick thinking, and good planning BEFORE the game. It makes the game flow so much better, and its much better to watch.
  15. 1 player died 5 years ago, thats about it
  16. Hockey>football>>>>rugby>>>>>American Football
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    Sept. 20 -- It seems to happen at least once a year. A young football player collapses on the field in preseason practice and dies of heatstroke. Often it's the first practice session of the season, on a hot, humid summer day, when most players are not in the best physical condition.

    This year, there were at least two heat-related victims - Chris Stewart, 17, a 6-foot-1, 290-pound offensive lineman at Douglass High in Oklahoma City, and Aaron O'Neal, 19, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound linebacker at the University of Missouri.

  18. football=cricket>hockey>>>>>>>>>>rugby>>american football.
  19. sorry but Hockey's the best
  21. In other ball sports, the decisions are more of "should I pass or should I take the shot?" in which that should be compared to in football "should I cut right or spin left?" Those should be made on the spot without hardly any time. Plus, you can't plan how the defense will react on each team and what formation they will be set up in.
  22. lol

    football is as good a sport as cricket.
  23. Everything you said there except for your vote. I of course vote rugby.
  24. yeah, i guess american football is more like chess.

    Which is just another reason why it sucks.
  25. No, it's the fly half who decides the play if the ball comes out of the forwards, and the pack leader who decides amongst the forwards. The scrum half is "just" the link between the forwards and the backs.

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