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  1. i meant fly half, the scrum half just picks the ball from the scrum and passes really.
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    if you wanna bring non pro lleagues,,2-7-1442_1909498,00.html,20281,18570218-5001022,00.html
  3. Hahah
  4. American Association on Mental Retardation
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  6. lawl.

    Your point is invalid.
  7. So, rugby players ALWAYS take hits correctly? It's a compilation where some of those clips were 50 or so years old. There are plenty of times where a back will actually knock the tackler on his ass and keep going.
  8. same goes for rugby
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  10. Because no quick thinking is involved at the quarterback position. Tell that to Peyton Manning. The amount of thinking for a quarterback involved DURING gameplay at the professional far exceeds that of any player at any moment in rugby.
  11. i understand my comparison wasn't nearly the same as the nfl, but comparing a 15 year old kid to a 20 something university player isn't even close.
  12. Obviously not, look at the rugby hits video posted a few pages ago.
  13. ok, so somebody has to do a bit of thinking i guess....
  14. League player dies after tackle


    March 23, 2006

    A RUGBY league player died last night three days after he was tackled in a game in Sydney's west.

    "I just need a rest for a minute," Robert Renata, 29, said seconds before he collapsed at Smithfield on Sunday.

    Johannesburg - The 26-year-old son of former Western Cape MEC Patrick McKenzie, died on Saturday while playing rugby at Florida Park in Ravensmead, Cape Town, the SA Rugby Union (SARU) said
  15. Then I completely fail to see your point/argument.

    EDIT: I'm done with this for a while... it's pretty pointless and I have racing harness mounts to fabricate.
  16. what the hell is this? you football fans were the ones that initially said that there was no quick thinking involved in rugby, so we refuted and now you are making it seem like we said that there was no quick thinking involved in football.
  17. "Quote from dahldrin
    You say this because you don't understand how hard it is to play the skilled positions. The amount of thinking that goes into being a quarter back is far greater than any position in rugby (for example)."

    "Quote from Danno
    they spend 5 bloody minutes deciding what to do!"

    "Quote from Danno
    all other ball sports you have to make descisions on the spot. it requires quick thinking, and good planning BEFORE the game. It makes the game flow so much better, and its much better to watch."

  18. thats what danno said, but there was also the mention of playing fly half in rugby, which i believe through my experiences to be just as difficult as playing quarterback.
  19. i dont even know what/who/why im actually arguing. I dont even like rugby lol!
  20. obviously.
  21. football.
  22. I have played both sports.

    Rugby is more fun to watch and more fun to play.
  23. Rugby is clearly more harcore/badass
  24. Football is boring to watch but fun to play. But everyone who likes football seems to be a low class dunce, so I voted Rugby.
  25. For watching I like Football. But for the physical demands my vote is for rugby. You ask people who have played both just about all say rugby is alot rougher and more demanding. Hell you don't get much for pads and youre out there alot longer.

    Overall, the NFL may have faster and even stronger players, but they are using their abilities in bursts. In Rugby you can be fast and strong all you want, but you better have the endurance or you're worthless. Not saying NFL players couldn't ever play rugby, but rugby requires slighty different critrea in a player (same goes the other way too.)

    LOL...Another way to view it is look at what an average NFL player's face looks like after 10 years and then look at the average rugby players face.

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