for all 350Z owners in this forum...

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by jj4ever, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Amazing, go back to read your posts and maybe that one neuron you have left will help you realize that you're the retard that brought up subjective qualificatives... "it's much uglier, more popular, far too common and less exclusive"... go back to sniff toluene, 47 cromosomed drug dealer wanna-be.
  2. that's odd. did you replace your intake?

    If not there is possibility there is a leak on your Exhaust. the only place i can thinking Maybe your Y-pipe Flange is Scrapped. But try and have a look.

  3. nah my car is 100% stock and it's not really noticable
  4. oh also, who doesnt liek the fact that the clutch catches all the way at the tippy top abnd that's it's such a long ways to press the pedal
  5. i agree with u, i noticed that when i drove a manual Z, i heard Nissan improved it in the '05 model.
  6. one more comment, being a fairly unexperienced driver for this type of beast, how do i counter the extreme understeer this car comes with, everytime i try to make a golf like manuever it feels like it's about to loose grip on a twisty
  7. The 350Z/G35s are known for pushing the front end out in a hard corner.

    It's detailed somewhat in April 2003 issue of Car & Driver:

    "the Infiniti still couldn't quite match the powerful Ford's lap times at the Streets. Certainly, the Mustang's additional 110 horsepower was a big advantage, but the G35 was also hampered by understeer and a balky gearbox.

    Pushed to the limit on the track, the G35 ultimately overloads its front tires, as does the 350Z, limiting its corner exit speeds. And under the massive loads of combined cornering and acceleration, the notchy gearbox feels even more stubborn. One other irritation was the traction control, which refused to completely cease its electronic kibitzing, even after we turned it off."
  8. thanks for that useless piece of information. i asked how to counter it not propoganda for the mustang svt
  9. the question still stands how do i counter oversteer?
  10. upgrade you "Sway Bar" i think that should fix it. or maybe upgrade your suspension
  11. i meant more on what i can do as a driver. being that it's a lease i cant do major stuff to it

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