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  1. This is an old Lotus.....if u want to see where Lotus is really going look towards the Elise, Exige and M250.
    This is still a classic though, it's been going for over a quarter of a century and still competes in the supercar market.
    The Esprit's sales in the UK have stalled because of the Elise but they don't sell that in America (yet) so they keep producing this, and why's a nice clean looking car.
    Lotus can't yet produce new models because they can't afford too, at least not for 3 or more years(M250 next.....thank god!) and so they have to stick to their current line up.
    So I'd wish people would stop comparing these cars to Diablo's and all that because it isn't aimed at that market and I also wish people in America would stop judging Lotus on the Esprit, because they would never produce a car like this again......Lotus cars now are all about being light and the best handlers in the world(Elise) which the Esprit isn't.
    So just wait until the Elise comes to America in 2/3 years then u can judge Lotus for yourself!!!!!
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    finaly some one with sence the british rule
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    somebody called? lol... well argued however i would still love to get my hands on this car<!-- Signature -->

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