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  1. The Ferrari 348 is an excellent car for first or second-time Ferrari buyers, but get a NEWER YEAR if possible; I was visiting Ferrari of Central Florida a few months ago and asked the general manager about the 348 and how it compared to other Ferrari models. He told me the earlier years (1990-1993) had some significant miscellaneous problems. In fact, when the car was first being showed back in the late '80's, the test car didn't even start!!! If any of you are interested in the 348, although it is a wonderful car to drive, try to get one manufactured in 1994 or 1995......most of its mechanical/electrical problems had been sorted out by then.
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    noone cares
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    Sure they do. It's just that YOU will never be fortunate enough to own one so this thread doesn't apply to you. For REAL enthusiasts, they need to get all the useful information they can get......and this helps out a lot. Don't be jealious that I actually know what I'm talking about.

    You're a Newbie. Nuff said.
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    Thanks alot for the information, VMIFerrari.

    I've been hearing about the problems the earlier 348's have had and needed someone to clarify wat the first "trouble-free" year is.

    It would be nice just to say "I'll get the 355 as it performs significantly better and has done away with all the issues of the 348" but unfortunately it is out of my current price range.

    In fact, the later model 348's themselves are significantly more expensive than the earlier 348's.

    Do you believe that the problems with the earlier 348's are serious enough to justify saying "stay away from them," or is this just a consideration?

    This purchase will be my first Ferrari, so I'm making sure I get it right.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, you can go ahead and purchase an older 348 but your maintenence costs might be more than you would be willing to pay. Of course, there is the chance that you could buy one and not find any problems (a real possibility) but be prepared for any that may surface. I've heard previous owners say they would lock the doors and the head-lights would turn on, etc. So all I'm really saying is be careful and thouroghly check its history before you sign anything. I'm glad to be of some help to you.
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    I have been working on getting a Ferrari for years. Do you know what I should look out for with the 308s,328s and the Testarossas? I'm going to be putting in around $45K in to one. I really want a Testarossas (I love the look) but a 308 or 328 would be cheaper but I have heard bad things about them. I don't care about how fast it will go, I have a Porsche for that! I just want a Ferrari!!!
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    My advice is to buy one that was approaching the end of its production. Most new cars have various "bugs" that need to be fixed when they first enter production and it is a good bet that they will be fixed by the time they had been around for a while. You'd probably want something with a little more power than a 308 so I'd suggest a 328 from 1987 to 1989. Stay away from the older 348s! 348's from 1993 up were much more mechanically sound than the older ones (should save you some money). It's true that a Testarossa will cost you more (the cheapest I've seen run for about $59,000) but is well worth it. They will appreciate tremendously as time goes on just because of what they are. But be aware; Ferraris are all hand-built machines and that means there is a margin of error in their construction that you don't find in Porsches. Other Ferrari experts agree that when you buy a new Porsche you are buying a PERFECT car that runs just as it should.....but thats because they are made by machines until you get into the really exotic Porsches like the 911 GT2. Good hunting!
  8. i got a remote control 348 made around around 1990

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