For McLaren "A 320 km/h plus sports car"

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by ajzahn, Aug 17, 2006.

  2. All of them stylistically are too complicated. I've seen this trend at least for the Ferrari and Lamborghini styling experiments. These cars should have simple, curvy lines without overdoing overhangs, air scoops, etc.
  3. yeah, HJ thing could really be a follow up..
  4. Never knew McLaren built spaceships. They all made me throw up a little in my mouth...
  5. I love the hotwheels names : Vortex! Manta! Tomahawk! Road Burner!
  6. I personally like the HJ the most. The Ayrton seems a bit too much influenced by the Zlatko Kosmopolit. A car no one should/would want to remember.
  7. I like the Can Am and Silverstone, but I agree that these designs are over the top. I guess if you want to get noticed you go over the top, but simplicity of design makes for the most beautiful vehicles. Also I think that all the cars should be modeled in the same color, because some colors can mask curves and Black can make pretty much any car look cooler than it actually is.
  8. I'm 100 percent confident I could shit a better car out of my arse.

    Most of those look like basketball shoes with wheels.

    I laugh at the fact that Mclaren is running out of money and needs to look to kids for inspiraton.

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