Forbes: World's Most Expensive Cars 2010

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ANP, Feb 7, 2010.

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  2. wow, Zonda over any of those for me
  3. It was funny seeing SSC in that company
  4. +1
  5. so the ssc is the uglyest car between the most expensive ones?
  6. wow thats a new record for ssc!
  7. Much better deal than the Koenigseggs.
  8. i don't really like koenigeggs, but seriously dude...the ssc is a piece of shit.
  9. I didnt know they were selling the mirabeau, that car is sweet. Really needs a road test.
  10. Koeniggsgegegg prices are a joke....
  11. Maybach Landaulet is way overpriced IMO, considering a standard 62S costs around $500K
  12. also expect the interiors with human skin it's a tacky s class
  13. perfection doesn't come cheap
  14. But it does come at a lower price than the Koenigsegg sparkly edition.
  15. Perfect at what exactly?
  16. It's perfect in a way a raw track focused hypercar should be
  17. been smoking crack again huh?
  18. lol
  19. lol at how much the Trevita's value had already depreciated. It costed something like $5 million when it came out late last year and now it's half that price.

  20. The value is still at $5 mil and isn't going anywhere, Forbes just got their numbers wrong.
  21. Not being very good at going around corners is how a raw, track focused hypercar should be?
  22. being slower than a bunch of kit cars is how a raw, track focused hypercar should be?
  23. You must have the Koenigsegg confused with this.
  24. Isn't going anywhere? Standard CCX depreciates like crap. Trevita would depreciate even more because it is the automotive equivalent of those diamond covered cell phones. I wouldn't be surprised if the Trevita is worth less than a Veyron or an Enzo 10 years from now.

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