Forbes: World's Most Expensive Cars 2010

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ANP, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. meh, I prefer cars that excel in everything, not just lap times. For a pure track car I'd have a CCGT that would shit on any kit car.
  2. As someone else asked, what does it actually excel at? Also kind of funny to call it a "raw track focused car" if laptimes aren't it's strong point, quick lap times are pretty much the main objective of a track focused car.
  3. Or one year from now.
  4. the CCGT is quite a bit slower than a number of pure track cars. And its way, way more expensive.
  5. fast laptimes is what Trevita and Edition were mainly built for, but aren't limited to just that. Like I said, for an ultimate track weapon I'd want a CCGT and not some shitty little kit cars.
  6. I doubt much of anything would be able to touch a CCGT with its weight of 1000kg and a NA V8 producing well over 800bhp and the fact that it's a purpose built racer.
  7. Logic isn't your strong point is it?
  8. a Gumpert Apollo would take a huge shit on it
  9. what about the cars that are lighter and have better sorted suspensions?
    ultima even has about as much power.
  10. I have no desire to own any of those cars.
  11. lol Gumpert aint gonna do shit, a CCXR Trevita/Edition would absolutely prison rape that ugly pos and a CCGT would be lapping that thing all day long.
  12. Every time I see a Koenigsegg picture or think about the car it would remind me of wankers like you.
  13. Apparently it forgot when EVO mag took it out on the Nürburgring and compared it against the Enzo, the MC12, the CGT and the Zonda F....That Swede got killed big time.

    The price is a joke and the depreciation rate is insane. The design is really dated especially when you see it right from the front. And rear. Side profile is OK.

    That said I deeply respect C v Koenigsgeghgegg for what he has achived and he is a pretty nice guy too...
  14. The CCX did pretty well at N'Ring with the shitty settings it was running. Everyone and their mother already seen what it can do on the track in the hands of the stig and to this day it's still in the top three on the lap board.

    The best bit is that your Enzo, MC12, CGT, Zonda's and everything else short of a track focused kit car would simply get annihilated by a CCXR Trevita / Edition.
  15. it's because of the diamonds!
  16. I thought the CCGT was restricted to 600 hp....
  17. Every CCX/CCXR is more apocolyptic than 5 quasars combined.
  18. Even if it doesn't, it at least looks a lot better

    Seriously though, the Gumpert Apollo Sport did 7:11.xx on the N'ring. Even the "Trevia/Edition" would struggle to do better than 7:25.
  20. Nothing there is mroe desireable than the Cinque. Horacio reminds me of Gordon Murray.
  21. It is restricted, but it doesn't have to be.
  22. Unless it's actually racing in any officially sanctioned series.
  23. None of the new ones are as desirable as the Cinque.

    But the 90's ultimate road cars are still more impressive in my opinion.
  24. Zonda please.
  25. I'll pass on the lot

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