Forbes: World's Most Expensive Cars 2010

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ANP, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Scratch that, give me the Reventon Roadster.
  2. It doesn't matter how big the price is, it's still shit. CCXR would be lucky enough to even pass the Zonda. The Gumpert costs less, looks better, And kicks ass. It's a 4.7 mil difference. You have to be drunk/high/retarded as fvck to actually price it that high. I bet it only costs like $200,000 to make it.
  3. The Zonda can't even be mentioned in the same sentence as CCXR, especially the Trevita and Edition variants. As far as Gumpert is concerned, the car is a pos and they would be lucky to sell 20 examples, not to mention it would get shat on by Trevita/Edition/Agera.

    Oh and that pos is pretty much invisible next to a CCXR.
  4. You're definitely right about how the Zonda can't even be mentioned in the same sentence as the CCXR
  5. I have nothing against the Zonda, it's just not fast enough to be compared to a CCXR.
  6. Fast enough for me
  8. Faster on a track too. Much more composed than the CCXR with a ricer wing...
  9. Let me know when the Zonda first manages to best the old CCR around Hockenheim, or the prototype CCX on the TopGear track.
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    What about the 11 other cars that are faster than the CCR around Hockenheim and all significantly cheaper? Some of which are also much heavier and all of which are less powerful.
  11. Let me know when you guys stop biting on this guy's trolling
  12. I'm never gotta stop, waiting to see what he'll post in response is like waiting for Christmas morning.
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    I'm sure the CCR's lap could be further improved with some suspension adjustments and better track conditions, but it doesn't really matter now. Koenigsegg have now released the Agera, their most track focused car yet, and one that will destroy just about anything that's streetable.
  14. Veyron and Zonda are the only ones that is worth it.
  15. The Leblanc Mirabeau is worth the money IMO.
  16. This guy's mother must have been smoking trees when she was pregnant.
  18. No, Sweedish fish
  19. I don't care, even if it is really fast, its not worth 5 fvcking million. Just get over the fact that the Koenigsegg isn't the fastest car in the world, theres always something out there that can take it. If you like the car that much, you can continue your orgasms over on youtube. The rest of us will be talking about OTHER supercars.
  20. Tossup between Mirabeau and Zonda.
  21. Don't talk for me maaaan
  22. No doubt, if I had a ton of money I wouldn't even consider something else. Zonda has mad swagger, which really is the most important thing when buying a supercar.
  23. ok
  24. I do actually think Raging Balls has major mental problems.

    No troll would go this far for this long surely...
  25. no, I just get a kick from killing these arguments.

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