Force India F1 Team Reveals 2012 VJM05

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    Force India has come a long way. What started out as Jordan Grand Prix and changed hands (and names) several times before landing in the stewardship of Indian bazillionaire Vijay Mallya has become a solid mid-field contender on race days. In 2011, the team finished sixth in the constructors' standings, behind front-runners Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus Renault GP. In 2012, however, Force India aims to challenge Mercedes and Lotus for fifth place using the car shown above.

    The VJM05 bears the same unfortunate stepped nose of the just-unveiled Ferrari F2012 and Caterham CT01, a trend we expect to see across much of the field as teams deal with F1's technical regulations. Engine, transmission and KERS are again provided by Mercedes-Benz through a partnership with McLaren, and while former DTM champion Paul di Resta returns for another season in the cockpit. Adrian Sutil departs the team in the wake of his assault conviction, his seat now occupied by Nico Hulkenberg.

    Read press release here:
  2. They should get a new photographer.
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    Lotus as well for their E20 shots. Jesus, the indoor shots are reflecting all over the place the the whitewall studio shots are both reflecting AND fuzzy as #$%#. And then uploading them at 5000px wide. Jesus #$%#ing hell.

    edit: link one of the white studio pics wasn't good enough for autowp even hahah.
  4. so a ngry i cant write a cohenrenent line
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    ugh. those are genuinely difficult to look at.
  6. so why is this car painted in an italian flag and not ferrari? is this team even from italy?
  7. The secret is in the team name.
  8. no, why it should since those colors match the ireland flag?
  9. Yeah man. Force Ireland.
  10. lol lamboy managed to get trolled AND make a dumb comment in only 11 words
  11. he did that on purpose guise
  12. He's an idiot. We can't take any chances.
  13. *italian

    got your back gia
  14. i love the livery tbh

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