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  1. Ive seen several remarks about the use of a ford engine in the CC, and just to clarify, the engine is not a factory ford enigne. It's made by some third party (I dont remember the name offhand) from somewhere in europe, and happens to be the same block used in several ford racing cars.
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    'm not sure if I'm thinking of a different car but it could have been a Cosworth engine.
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    I believe they started with a ford v8 as per their website, but they've developed one into their own.
    Lovley Car, can you believe a pud in Sports car Internation said it was very basic! I just about sent death threats to the
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    but it still is a ford engine?
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    I've suddenly got a lot of respect for Ford...
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    I thought i had read quite a bit about the CC's engine, and I have nevet heard anything about the engine being a custom you done outside the factory. I honestly believe it was an in-house creation.

    I don't doubt your words on the fact, that the engine is made outside by a suplier of some sort, I would just like to hear, if you please could remember the name on the creator of the engine - then it would be a lot easier to find something about it...
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    Ford always makes alot of nice things but most people dont notice it
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    And, really, the engine in the CC isn't a ford at all.
    Cosworth may make the engine, ut that's the nonly relation it has to ford.
    Ford hired cosworth to make all the racing engines for their race team, and only their race team, so in the process, was labeled a ford company.
    While this happened, belive it or not, Gm hired cosworth to produce the engine for there F1 teams back in the 1990's.
    The only relation that ford as to cosworth, is the fact that they personally build the engines for their race team. Other the that, Cosworth is it's own being.
  9. so...

    Is it a ford or Chevy based? Cosworth has made things for Chevy before as well.
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    The engine only shares bore spacing with the Ford 4.6L modular V8 found in the Mustang cobra other than that it's all new.
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    "Is it a ford or Chevy based? Cosworth has made things for Chevy before as well."
    Quote from Z06nutSS405 .

    Yes, Cosworth has built engines for the Chevrolet race team, but like I also said before, the only relation that Cosworth has to Ford, is the fact that they build the engines for the Ford race team.
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    Where do all the engine internals come from? Like the cams, crankshaft, pistons and all that jazz?
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    The rods are from Manley in america. The rest of the short-block I'm not sure of. I imagine it they were sourced from a manufacturer in Sweden but that's only a guess...
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    Currently yes....its no longer a Ford engine, Originally it was a 4.6 Cobra engine with a longer though

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