Ford F250, on Nissan Patrol Chassis, XR6T engine

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    And I quote:

    "Hello all , i have fitted a BA2 XR6 Turbo engine , firewall and complete dash from an 05 ute into an f250 ford cab that sits on a GU Nissan Patrol 4X4 chassis and running gear . Everything works as per the donor car except for the fact that the Nissan driveline does not have ABS . I have modified a non ABS Hall Effect gearbox sender to give me the speed pulse and the speedo works fine but because the EEC is not getting a signal from the wheels the cruise control flares as the EEC searches for a signal . My question is , can the ABS be disabled in the EEC ? If not was there a Manual Turbo XR6 without ABS that i can use the EEC from ? Or can i fit a resistor to the ABS wires to trick the EEC ? Also because i do not have Pyro seat belts the air bag light is flashing a code , can this function also be disabled ? Thanks ."
  2. Fkn maaaaaaaadddddddddd
  3. yeah, I'd drive it
  4. Really cool
  5. 1. cool
    2. why?
    3. The seatbelt thing is probaby a resistance type of a deal. Don't you need the ABS sensors up front also?
  6. That's so sweet, but he should have used the F250 dash and he really needs the number of a proper upholsterer. The interior is garbage.
  7. wiring everything to an F250 dash would have been a kunt. I'm thinking by putting in the BA dash was actually taking the easy way out.
  8. obviously the interior is not yet complete.. at least thats what i get when looking at the bare metal.
    seats look nice though
  9. Yeah, but when you go to the trouble he's obviously gone with this car, the easy way out is shit.
  10. You think the seats nook nice? It looks like someone wrapped a grey quilt over a couple of seats. They're ghastly.
  11. It's different, that's for sure. I'm not sure it has any advantages over any of the donor cars though.
  12. power/torque > F250 (?) and Patrol
    offroad capabilities > F250 (probably?) and XR6T
    body > Patrol
    dashboard > F250 and Patrol
  13. it would be a ball out in the bush.
  14. He'll have better down force w/ the dog.
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