Ford Falcon’s Australian-made future in doubt

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  1. Hell even my old Lancer had enough poke for normal driving. It never struggled.
  2. I regularly drive a 97 Mitsubishi Express Van to work, and yes it struggles. Obviously more so than the small cars I'm mentioning.

    I've never driven a Golf. Like I said, the only small cars I've driven that didnt feel like they were struggling were the Corolla and Astra.
  3. If Europeans are so worried about the price of fuel why do they cruise on their highways 140km/h+ where fuel economy starts to go through the roof.
  4. Are some of you lot kidding? Why do you think your average 4cyl car typically runs shorter gearing than a V6 or V8...because it makes LESS TORQUE. For the same reason you will find that these cars need 3000/4000rpm to keep up with a Falcon accelerating at the same speed which is probably using 2000-2500rpm. Try driving your 4cyl car with more than 1-2 people and up a half decent hill, it will be struggle central. Not to say other cars don't struggle but you are kidding yourself if you think its not going to struggle more than something that makes substantially more torque...whether it weighs 1800kg or not.

    In saying that your average 4cyl car is suitable for daily driving and there is nothing wrong with that...but don't be as foolish to think its going to be anywhere near as torquey or driven as effortlessly as a 4L engine.
  5. Not that 2.0L turbro one LOL
  6. Did anybody actually try and say that small cars make as much torque as the bigger cars? We were saying that the power/torque these small cars do make is FINE for every day city driving. Plus, if you have one with a decent diesel the low down torque won't be that much different once you factor weight into the equation anyway.
  7. This thread has become as retarded as your average Australian Bogan.

  8. Falcons have been rubbish for a while. the only redeeming feature is the buckets of torque.
    However, that is countered by the overly soft suspension, a ride that feels like a ferry in choppy weather, a very responsive throttle which makes it annoying to drive at very low speeds (such as in carparks) without a random burst of acceleration, which makes the experience of parking such a land barge stressful. The seats in the front are alright, but the ones in the back are backbreaking, rear headroom is also limited for adults. Not to mention the vague steering, horrible pitching and bad turn in understeer that probably results from all 100 feet of the chassis twisting.

    I may have left some things out.
    I don't know why Aych thinks that a Falcon is a better car than small cars like Lancer, Focus, 3 etc. If you spend more than half your time driving on the highway, maybe there is a reason to own a land barge. Only people who live in the incredibly bogan outer suburbs of a city or who travel between them on a regular basis would need it...and that need is filled by the Commodore, which is a much better car, regardless of the whole Ford/Holden rivalry thing.
  9. Nuh-uh
  11. also

    the falconadoor could prolly do with a 3ishL turbodiseal. good fuel economy and power
  12. that's bad i guess it was not that competitive in the market.

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