Ford Fiesta ST Concept at Frankfurt

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    Ford Fiesta Concept at Frankfurt

    Today, Ford has finally given up its game of deception and revealed the Ford Fiesta ST in concept form – the car our spies had caught on multiple occasions in both North America and Europe despite Ford denying its existence.

    The concept car clearly shares much of the same DNA as the production version of the Focus ST that was also revealed today, particularly in the front snout of the car. The sporty and sleek styling carries all the way around the vehicle, with the addition of side skirts, new front and rear fascias, a rear upper spoiler, dual rear exhaust, unique and darkened tail and head lamps, dark-finished and more aggressive wheels, massive drilled rotors and red calipers front and rear.

    If the Focus ST is any indicator, the “concept” Fiesta ST unveiled today is at least a 9/10th representation of the final product that is yet to come, although its form may be shifted from three to five doors for U.S. consumption.

    What makes the Fiesta ST an “ST?”
    Aside from the obviously lower ride stance, large rotors front and rear, aggressive styling and ST badging, Ford has equipped the ST concept with an EcoBoost version of the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine normally found in naturally aspirated form under the hood of the North American Fiesta.

    This new version is good for an uprated 177 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque thanks to twin turbochargers and direct injection technology. The net result, says Ford, is a sub-seven second zero-to-60 time and a top speed of at least 136 miles per hour.

    Another nice treat to come with this model will be the first application of a six-speed manual transmission, adding a cog compared to the standard car.

    That of course only leaves one question that many snarky and curious fans alike will ask – will the U.S. get the three-door too? Ford is not yet willing to officially say, and their press materials were seemingly intentionally ambiguous regarding the subject – meaning it is possible that the final decision has not yet been made.

    Should Ford decide to bring a three-door ST to the U.S., that would also mean the start of production of a regular three-door variant as well – something many in the market would likely welcome. Of course, it is all speculation at this time, as Ford could still very well apply the ST concept’s styling and performance to a five-door variant and call it a day.
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  3. what is this doing in the american cars forum?
  4. It's a 'global' car so it could go anywhere really.
  5. Europe gets it and the USA *might*, for as far as I understood this article
  6. This versus Chevy Montana.
  7. US will get it, I'd just guess not the 3 door.
  8. Not sure if I like that front grille.
  9. ford is euorpean brand
  11. overtrolling
  12. I'm really interested in getting this or the Focus ST as a daily driver.

    But the US won't get the 3 door

    The 5 door has already been spotted testing.
  13. I really like the 3 door. However being boring old fat ass NA, we most likely wont get it. At best a 5 door, and even then the cost will probably be the same as a abarth 500. Which I would rather own just due to the fact more Chrysler dealerships exist in this shitty rural area then Ford.

    At most $25k cdn for a Fiesta ST/Abarth would be reasonable. Otherwise I could see them charging $33k+ for a heavier Focus ST, which is way out of the ballpark considering depreciation/market value for a car like that where I live.
  14. Why are all recent Fords designed as if they weres drawn by a strabismic 12-y.o. kid?
  15. give us tree doors furd
  16. joa guys is now owning ford
  17. Powered by passion driven by knowledge
  18. must be the formula for ownage

    supraman would knw

  19. u really know how to kick a man when hes down

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