Ford Focus wannabe?

Discussion in '2001 Mitsubishi CZ3 Concept' started by Diamante V6 Power, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. looks damn similar to me....<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: Ford Focus wannabe?

    ford focus wont be
  3. what makes this a super car?

    it looks like the focus indeed. but why is this thing in this website? it isnt fast and doesnt have any kind of new technology. a mitsubishi eclipse is more supercar than this, and it isnt here.
  4. Re: Ford Focus wannabe?

    This car (or at least one like it) is going into the production as the Colt Evolution. Yay!
  5. Re: what makes this a super car? new technology at all just cave man instinct lighter car same power go fast....the ralliart version of this car will be bloody dangerous.......for more fun see the renault clio v6....not much room just a lotta engine
  6. Re: what makes this a super car?

    I would take a renault 5 turbo (the MR 1.4) over the clio V6 they are hardout wee cars and i bet alot of fun to TRY and control.
  7. Its not a Ford Focus wannabe it dousent even look like it and bi the way Ford Fovus Sucks!!
  8. I mean Focus
  9. it kinda looks like it but there is some things differnt

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