Ford Granada with CCX engine swap

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  1. I'm in Portland OR
  2. whoever lives near here you know what you have to do.
  3. Install his suspension pieces, right? LOL @ internet tough guy.
  4. still didn't answer my question properly.
  5. Hey there even though I'm still new here, I'll answer the question FOR him; "Previous Koenigsegg models were POWERED by Ford Modular V8 engines sourced from the U.S. Though also BASED on the Ford Modular ARCHITECTURE the engine of the CCX was thoroughly RE-ENGINEERED by Koenigsegg themselves and is assembled at the Koenigsegg factory.[12][13] The engine block for the dual overhead camshaft, 4 valve per cylinder 4.7 liter 288 cu in (4,719 cc) V8[1][8][14] is cast for them by Grainger & Worrall, a British company that produces drivetrain components for Formula One cars.[8][15] The engine block is made of 356 Aluminium that has undergone a T7 heat treatment, a form of accelerated precipitation strengthening.[8][16] The aluminium alloy is stronger than the previous engine and allows a thinner, thus lighter, engine block that will withstand higher cylinder pressures."

    Now that's from here; " ."

    I hope this clarifies enough of the debate on this subject.
  6. That's it, this is the third dumbass post I've seen from you tonight. You just copypasted from wikipedia? Seriously? You must be trolling. Whose account is this?

    Im bored of you. Just stop posting.
  7. Like anyone gives two flying fUcks about what you want chump
  8. Why are you always so butthurt about everything I say?
  9. he's not, you just suck
  10. 10/10
  11. +10
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  13. "I'm bored of you"

    It's funny, because for a moment there it looked like you thought your opinion actually matters here.

    Nice one.

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