Ford GT goes 212mph.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Damestic89, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. To lazy to post the link, but if you go to, there will be a article about it on the first page. But long story short, it went 212 mph in Italy (I think) but will be electroicly controled for 205 mph. Sorry Ferrari, your %$#&ed. (exception for the Enzo)
  2. First thing Ford has done right since 1970.
  3. Totally badass, I love this car, although I still would take a F430 over it...
  4. SWWEEET. I just gaind some respect for it. Very cool.
  5. the gt is a bang for the buck supercar. personally, id take it over the ferrari, considering it will most definitely be more reliable and better performing aswell(not to leave out cheaper to service and modify).
  6. this is how i see it... its 7 mph faster then an M5.
  7. Please show me the article becuase all of the articles Ive seen said it went 205MPH in Italy not 212MPH.
  8. The article is called "Ford goes 205mph" on the first page, click that and read the article, they said it hit 212 mph without the electronic control crap.
  9. Yeah, that happened a while ago.
  10. The GT actually went 212 on Nardo in Italy, but for insurance reasons, they are claiming it goes 205. It DID actually go 212 though. I had the quote in my sig before the new site came around.
  11. glad to hear that. the gt is an awesome car.
  12. I see, 211.89MPH while hitting the rev limiter in 5th gear.
  13. 212? MT got 201 out of it.
  14. If you even bothered to read the article in which they got that time, you'd know that the driver said the track was too small to take any of those three cars to their limits.
  15. You know i would like someone else then ford to fully test there car
  16. How would it be more reliable?
  17. Ferrari is known for its unrelabilty?
  18. Yeah, but so is Ford.
  19. That's good, because there have really been a lot of fully instrumented indepentent tests by now.
  20. I dont read magazine that much anymore. Have to much text books to read these days. I havent seen a full test yet because i dont really look for them. But if you got links to some then i would like to see them
  21. Personally the fact that MT didnt have enough room and maybe if Ford didnt lie about the GT's output then people will believe it more. But I for one see no issue with the Ford GT's 211.89MPH test, from what I know Ferrari with the F50 ran it with 2 different gearings.
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    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 2016 and probably all have the tests online somewhere, motor trend has tested it a couple of times now. What field are you going into that you're always too busy to read the car mags? I guess it's not automotive? Actually, I have the road and track test scanned, let me upload it again. Because the original thread is probably deleted.
  23. Yeah none are automotive relatied. Im still in HS FYI<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  24. Oh I see, I'm in automotive technical school, so the magazines are sometimes as useful as the textbooks. At least the good ones with technical articles.

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