Ford GT goes 212mph.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Damestic89, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. make room #%[email protected], im to sit at the retards table aswell<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.
  2. we were comparing it to the ferrari f430 as far as i remember. i quoted porshe996turbo, who mentioned he would take the f430 over this, and i mentioned i would the other way around.

    its on the first page.

    Quote from Porsche996Turbo
    Totally badass, I love this car, although I still would take a F430 over it...


    the gt is a bang for the buck supercar. personally, id take it over the ferrari, considering it will most definitely be more reliable and better performing aswell(not to leave out cheaper to service and modify).
  3. I'm sorry, its late, but is the F430 still a concept? And if it is, does anyone even no the stats on the car? Because i THINK the 430 is to replace the 360 Modena.
  4. Oh ok, I had been referring to the Motor Trend comparison between it and the Enzo, I wouldn't even bother comparing the F430, since the GT is clearly a lot more powerful and faster, therefore on a different level altogether.
  5. so this is like the 5th time Ford changed the topspeed! god i know there lieing!
  6. I have to agree with you.You should also add the ford gt is nicer than the f430.I don't know about the handling but i am pretty sure that the gt outhandles the f430.
  7. Just wait untill the F430 gets on Top Gear... and also, why has the Ford GT not run Nurburgring, is ford scared?
  8. Then we will maybe have Mr clarckson bashing the Ford in favor of Ferrari? All is possible with Clarckson.
  9. Um yeah, maybe you did not know that Clarkson BOUGHT a Ford GT because he loved it so much, way to be a dumbass....
  10. I already knew that but all can expected from Mr Clarckson.My personal opinion is that the gt is better than the f430 in every aspects.
  11. Yes but you'll need to the remaining money to keep fixing the TVR and to pay for legal bills incurred battling TVR for warranty work.
  12. You american fanboys are something else...
  13. in the latest issue of motor trend, the gt's top speed was 200.1 mph
  14. either way it is very fast
  15. They also mentioned the track wasnt long enough for them to go faster.
  16. but, they said "accelerating ever so slightly"
  17. Look at top speed figures on the other 2, all 3 have been clocked at faster speeds than what MT got.
  18. Because he prefers a faster car?
  19. Funny thing that Shelby said top speed doesnt matter
  20. Because he prefers a more powerful, faster car?
  21. Yes i prefer a more powerful and faster car.You are correct.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  22. No, because he thinks that Jeremy is a tool of the british gov't to attack all american cars....

    and he says the the GT will be quicker than the F430 on the track, and there have not even been a single damn test...
  23. hey, shelbygt500, you have for your picture the canadian hockey team, are you canadian?
  24. Remember how harsh clarckson was with the c6? His reports are not enough serious and too biased to be taken seriously. I remember how was the report of the c6 it was the harshest and baddest road test report that i have ever seen. Despite it hasn't been tested against an f430, a gt is already a legend.Its predecessors the gt40 mkIII and mkIV won lemans 4 times and beat ferraris brilliantly.That is enough to like the gt which has the heritage from the gt40.

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