Ford GT is no match for this car!

Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F50' started by kav, Dec 22, 2003.

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    Its gay, but it does stand a chance against this beaut.
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    Ford Gt is a piece of Ford crap and this is a magnificent work of italian automotive art.

    The stupid ford would blow it's gay muscle car-esque engine in a race ayways,thus Ferrari shall remain victorious ;p
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    Ford GT is a nice car, but this car is way better
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    The Ford GT can keep up with the F50. The GT is brand new....the F50 is almost a decade old... One the other hand, the ENZO will smoke the GT anyday.
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    I agree the F50 is better, in terms of pace that GT is pretty quick. The handling and brakes are both a little better than the 360 CS and 911 GT3.

    It also may have real hp numbers closer to an Enzo than anything else Ferrari makes. Likely over 600hp and the shaft after a recent stock dyno test.
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    the ford gt has a chance but ill go with the f50
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    I think you're a piece of crap seeing as how you know nothing about the Ford GT. Dont get me wrong, this is an awesome car. but calling the GT a piece of crap is like me sayin Chevy isnt American. its plain out stupid.

    And you got a problem with Muscle Cars? ok. Thats fine with me. but just know that a Muscle car comes with the same kinda power as many exotics without forced induction (if the exotic happens to use forced induction, some do) and for a lot cheaper price. For about $30,000 you can equip the car with much better wheels, brakes, and supension. So lets estimate the Muscle car costs $60,000 (thats about how much most fully restored/mint condition muscle cars go for now). $60,000 + $30,000 = $90,000. Thats about/atleast half as much as about 80% of the current exotic cars. And if Ford kicked Ferrari's AND Porche's asses 40 years ago on their own turf, what makes you think they cant do it again? I personally think this is a better performer than the GT on a track, but with the new horsepower numbers released by Ford (550), the GT will likely out-accel and outrun the F50. Both are cool cars, and the F50 has some nice looks to it, but I'll take the GT for 2 reasons 1.) Its American, and I love American cars, and 2.) It has heritage to it.
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    Welllll Nooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrr
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    I agree, the Ford GT couldn't outhandle this. But 1/4 mile might be comperable.
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    Do any of you realize that the Ford GT is 139,000 USD and the Ferrari F50 is 480,000 USD and that the ford gt is a 40 year old design?
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    Yeah lets all remember 40 years ago when this same debate was going on and Ferrari (not to say i dont love em) got its a$$ handed to it on a silver platter after le mans.
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    Its funny cuz its true.
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    Ferrari F50 would destroy the GT40


    Greatest American Car- Saleen S7
    Greatest Euro Car- Ferrari Enzo
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    Poor fool, you realize not what you're saying.

    The Ford GT has more hp and torque (550, 500). The Ford GT has a better 0-60 time, better 0-100 time, and better 1/4 mile time. Those are both MAJOR advantages on the track. The F50 will obviously outcorner the GT, but the GTwill win easily on the straights. So its a tossup.

    But you said "the GT40". Fine, lets compare THOSE as well. Take your pick, Mark IV or Mark I Gulf? Ya know what? Lets compare all three!

    Mk I Gulf has the best design and is one of the lightest GT40s ever made. 0-100 for that thing is 8.0 seconds and it has a top speed of 210 mph. All this in a 425 hp 5L AMERICAN V8. The GT40 Mk I Gulf Chassis #1075 has won more Le Mans races than any other single car ever made.

    The Mk IV has a top speed of 220 mph cranking out 500.1 bhp. The Mk IV is the most successful of all the GT40s, never losing a race. I couldnt find performance numbers for it but I guarantee you both of the GT40s can give the F50 a good run for its money. And they're 40 years old too.
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    You would actually be suprized. The Ford GT is one of the best handling cars on the road. It is said by Top Gear to "Handle like a Lotus Elise" and it isnt that far off. It is a good handling car but no one gives it any respect in that aspect just because it is an american car. People should really realize, This car handle like an Italian or other European cars.
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    Why would anybody compare the Ford GT to a Ferrari F50. Thats like that stupid idiot in the Mustang GTR forum with the thread, "Mustang GTR vs Mclarren F1". Ford's target is the Ferrari 360 Modena, and Stradale. Not the 1995 F-50. Ford was able to nail that target. The Ford GT is much faster and out performs the 360 Modena.
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    i was just gunna say that

    we are all aware the Ford GT was made more to compete with the Viper, 360 Modena, and the next Zo6 (2006) right?

    GT will still beat this in a straight
    maybe if it got lucky it could win on a track
    but i dunno
    it would be a cool race to see
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    Why do people insist on assuming things about cars that aren't even out yet? This forum was probably started long before the Ford GT was brought up to current stats, when it was thought to be a 4 second 0-60, and 12 - 13 second 1/4. Now that it's actually out, I wouldn't doubt the F50, out corners, apparently the GT has an understeer problem, but the speed is considerably higher (unless this car is highly under-stated). Also, the GT is not a muscle car. In terms of marketing, you don't put a muscle car against a supercar like the Modena.
  19. Re:

    f50 kicks
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    Are you kids serious? Comparing an F50 to a Ford GT. The original
    Ford GT 40, in my eyes, rapes the F50 in terms of developement.
    Second to compare a limited production super-car to a limited
    production $120,000 car, its like comparing (exageration)a Ducati
    999R to a Vespa scooter. If you want more of a comparison then
    compare the Ferrari F50 to the Ford GT-90 Concept. It's a bit of a
    closer race, and almost fare other than one is a concept.
  21. Here's my comparison. The Ford GT, a brutally fast car in its own right, does have the advantage as far as the power numbers go. However, the F50 weighs significantly less, has better weight distribution, and has a lower center of gravity, all of which make for better traction and thus, better acceleration and all-out performance. The F50 had understated performance numbers. The true 0 to 60 was probably closer to 3.5 or even 3.4. The true topspeed was probably around 210 or so, and I have no idea where this 202 mph number came from. Obviously, nobody would ever be willing to take their ultra-limited rolling sculpture of a car out to a top speed track to find out for sure. Ford, like many other American companies, is always quick to scream their performance numbers out for the world to hear as soon as they can find testing equipment. Ferrari doesn't care what you think about their performance. They know their cars are the best, as do their buyers, so they feel no need to make immature ploys for media attention. That's why every F50 sold started out as a two-year factory lease: they didn't want people taking their F50s out to the magazines for testing. Thus, the car's tests are VERY limited, so nobody knows its true limits. What IS known is this: last year, Road & Track (or one of the major mags) had a comparison between the GT3, Challenge Stradale, and Ford GT. As a result of its slightly better times (not to mention that the mag itself is run by Americans, and since Ford undoubtedly paid them nicely to make their hot new toy look good), the GT won by a hair. I once read in one of the mags that the Enzo is just a slight improvement over the F50. By the way, the person saying this is Ferrari test driver Dario Benuzzi, who aided development for both supercars. For example, he said, a corner taken at 134 mph in an F50 could be negotiated in an Enzo at 137. This makes sense, considering that the Enzo is built on the F50 platform and since the Enzo weighs a couple hundred pounds more. The Challenge Stradale rounds Fiorano, the Ferrari test track, about 8 or 9 seconds slower than the Enzo, which is about a second or second and a half faster than the F50. With that said, the F50 would handily defeat a GT, which is just barely quicker than a Challenge Stradale, on a track day. The F50 is one of the fastest cars ever built; it just never gets any fanfare or recognition because Ferrari shut off the media when they released it, thereby pissing off the media and the public at large. By the way, I finally saw an F50 the other day at the New England International Auto Show. Simply amazing. They parked it right next to a 360 Spider, which, oddly enough, is actually bigger. The show also featured the GT up on a turntable. Sadly, none of the showgoers seemed to notice it at all, whereas taking apicture of the F50 is about a five or ten-minute process since the thing was just surrounded.
  22. The producers of the GT are now saying that the 2005 Ford GT will have slightly improved specs then they previously planned. 500-525 to a possible 530. They also pointed out that it would have a higher power to weight ratio. They also pointed out that the weight would be reduced and they would apply a new suspension. They said that the GT was already tested (2002). It went off the line at 3.8 and a top speed of 198.75 mph. Then they said the tested the GT that they decided to change and it managed 3.5 off the line and a top speed of 208.10 mph. Depending on what model you are talking about the GT would win.
    The newer GT would cost about 10-15 thousand more which I have to say is pretty good. All this information was on a TV show on Digital cable channel 27 about 6 months ago.
  23. The numbers are correct. 202 was the top speed in highest gear at redline. The 0-60 was 3.7. I have a feeling if they say this in 30-40 different magazines and on TV the chances are that its right.

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