Ford GT vs. Corvette ZR1

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Firechikin1968, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. I'm sorry if this comparo has been done before, I rarely venture into this forum. I'm leaving the Viper ACR out because it isn't nearly as streetable as these two.

    Granted, the GT would win overall, but which is you're choice for being the best sports car? I ask that you leave out build quality, luxuries, and the want-to-own factor.
  2. What's the question???
  3. Looks wise FGT.
  4. Re-read the second part. The cars by design are quite different, but serve the same purpose. My question is clearly stated. "Which is the best sports car?" Meaning, which is the best for performance driving.
  5. ZR1, obviously
  6. ZR1 is a good bit faster. not as cool though. Doesnt sound as good either.
  7. the vette is better but the ford looks so much better while still being a blast to drive, so it is my choice
  8. Ford GT is probably the better driver's car. Looks way better too IMO.
  9. GT. Hands down.
  10. Definitely Ford GT, it's so much better looking and has a lot more presence. Also, have the people saying the ZR1 is a lot faster totally forgotten the kind of numbers the Ford GT was producing in road tests?
  11. ford gt. at least it has a decent interior.
  12. ZR1 will be a ton faster.

    GT for everything else.
  13. GT by far, I don't care if the ZR1 is faster
  14. The GT was barely faster than the 360CS. I doubt it's faster than a Z06 let alone a ZR1.

    I'd still take it though, sub-zero cool...
  15. good thread
  16. ZR1 would probably win in a race (Correct me if I'm wrong)

    But I'd still have a GT anyday.
  17. GT with ZR1 engine.
  18. GTX1?
  19. The GT is heavier, has about 100 less hp, and is less ballanced.

    ZR1 wins in every performance category here. Even the Z06, when tested by the magazines directly with the GT won most categories.
  20. still awesome to drive and no one here could push one to its limits, while looking better in every department, inside, outside, and without being tacky
  21. The GT was faster than the 360CS @ Gingerman Raceway by 2.06s (C&D). That's quite a bit over a 1:32.x lap. Automobile Magazine tested the GT against the Z06 and found the GT a bit faster, 1:32.45 vs 1:32.75 for the Z06.

    My guess is that on the same tires, there would not be much between the GT and the ZR1 on a track. The GT's tires are more biased toward all-season grip.
    Reviews on both sides of the Atlantic indicate the Ford GT is the more balanced vehicle. The ZR1 was criticized by Evo, Car, and Motor Trend for chassis composure, too much power and not enough handling, woefully unsupportive seats, a sometimes balky shifter, etc. Those same 3 mags said the CTS-V was the sharper and better balanced driver's car than the ZR1, BTW.
    Meanwhile, the GT won eCOTY and is noted for suppleness, composure, adjustability on the limit, and one of the slickest manuals around, by way of Ricardo.
  22. i can safely say that the ford is my favorite american car

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