Ford GT vs. Corvette ZR1

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  1. performance ZR1, but GT is a better drivers car so im not sure
  2. Ima call bullshit on that one. How do u know the GT is a better driver's car? Why is it?
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    Here's Motor Trend on the Ford GT:
    "...once into the corner, squeeze on that mighty supercharged V-8 and feel the outer rear tire load up. Balance the load and listen to the car via its rear--whereas the Ferrari needs to be driven via its nose. Even without the full electronic safety net Ferrari provides, you and the GT are soon comfortable together, and, in short order, truly rocking.
    One real surprise, given that these are Ferrari's roads, is how at ease the Ford is over the bumps. The surfaces are buckled and corrugated. The Ferrari--even if you set its dampers soft by winding back the electronics--is always harsh and edgy in its ride. The Ford has excellent damping control, but manages to breathe much more deeply, moving fluently over the surface, avoiding getting knocked off course.
    Ford commissioned a new six-speed transaxle for the GT, and its manual shift is like a 911's, never failing to find its way home. Beside the long, slow, messy Viper and Corvette manuals, it's a revelation."

    Motor Trend on the ZR1, 2009 Best Drivers Car test:
    "[Randy Pobst]: 'I just was not getting messages from the car that it was going to be stable enough to go right over that brow, still flat on the's a driver's car in the sense that the driver must be very, very involved, but not in the sense that it's extremely rewarding...The ZR1, here, that's one of those relationships where it is thrilling and exciting, but you never know if she's going to knife you in the back.'
    The ZR1's steering wheel, seemingly straight out of a Cobalt SS, is a letdown, as are the seats, whose lateral support can't match the car's attainable forces. Even the helm's ultra-quick turn-in seems borderline nervous."

    Car Magazine on the Ford GT, Performance Car of the Year 2004 test:
    "Everyone who drove it returned marveling - and a little surprised - at the sheer amount of graft Ford has clearly put in to ensure that the dynamics are up to scratch. If you'd predicted a cynical lash-up, the GT isn't it.
    Steering, brakes, and gearbox are all exemplary. Its body control is terrific. Handling?...sheer friendliness and linearity...mighty grip and balance.
    The engine, clutch and gearchange are all amazingly docile."

    Car Magazine on the ZR1:
    "Jump from the Corvette to the Audi and you realise that , as fast as the Corvette is in a drag race, you will tackle a typical British B-road at a greater pace in the more compliant Audi. The ZR1's vast tyres are the problem* - tyres that Corvette's own people describe as 'steamroller-wide'. These gumballs snag every camber, rut and hollow in the road and then instantly react with a sudden course deviation. The driver is therefore constantly adjusting the steering to compensate, or more often, scanning the road ahead for trajectory-altering imperfections and driving around them. The steering doesn't help matters, being simulataneously unwilling to transfer sufficient information from the road surface to the driver and sluggish in returning steering effort back to the road.
    Ironically then, the Corvette is involving but only because its faults force involvement. It works you hard as a driver but doesn't ever seem to work *with* the driver.
    So bad are the seats for overall comfort and support that we'd wager swapping them for more supportive buckets would improve the ZR1's overall chassis feel by at least 20%."
    From their PCOTY 2009 article:
    "I switch to the Corvette, to see if it can absorb me for an hour like the R8. About four minutes later, I'm back. That didn't take long. It is monumentally fast...but the body control is awful, the suspension crashy and the resulting fidgetiness - together with hopelessly unsupportive seats - make the ZR1 hard to exploit on a bumpy B-road."

    Evo Magazine on the Ford GT, eCOTY 2005:
    "Nothing can prepare you for the delicacy of the controls and the progressive, measured way in which the GT responds, to both throttle and steering inputs. It's approachable and exploitable from the moment you drive away. You feel encouraged to stretch yourself and the car sooner than you'd ever believe.
    Everything, it seems, has been honed to help maximise your enjoyment. The clutch, feelsome but far from heavy, is a cinch to operate, as is the manual gearbox, which slots from cog to cog with a sweetness that belies the forces it has to transmit. The steering shares their delicacy and feel, shunning gratuitous weight for detailed feel and natural, linear response. You don't fight the GT, you flow with it, powering calmly and precisely from straight to crest to bend, safe in the knowledge that each wheel and tyre is relaying faithful information to you through the steering wheel and seat cushion.
    By the time I arrive in Castellane I'm completely at one with the GT, blown away by its composure, speed and uncanny depth of ability, mesmerised by just how good it felt on what must rank as one of the world's greatest roads.
    [Jethro Bovingdon, after driving the GT]: 'That drive was sensational. The road plays a big part, but I love the GT because it's a proper old-fashioned supercar made good...there's the same sense [as the Ferrari F50] of nothing getting in the way of the driving. I love the fact that it rides so well and steers so sweetly and that gearbox feels so slick. It's a staggering car.'

    Everyone, to a man, was completely blown away by the Ford GT. Even those of us who'd driven it before were surprised by its unique combination of towering performance and lightness of touch.
    [Roger Green]: 'It *is* really fast, but it's easier and more accessible than you'd ever believe.'
    [Harry Metcalfe]: 'I'm absolutely staggered. It feels like they've been building them for years. So smooth, so quick, such a supple chassis and a brilliant gearbox.'
    The key to the GT's success is its completeness. Comfortably the most powerful and fastest here, it's also one of the most benign, despite doing without any form of traction control or stability control. Checking my notes, the GT is often referred to as 'a 550 bhp Elise', which, if you can get your head around the concept, just about sums it up.
    [John Barker]: 'Within a couple of hundred yards, I thought the GT was something really special. Half a dozen corners later, I knew it was the winner. In more than 15 years that's never happened to me before.'"

    And they would go on to crown the GT their eCOTY, comfortably edging out the F430, Gallardo SE, M3 CS, and Cayman S among others.

    For 2009, they rated the ZR1 "Disappointment of the Year." For an explanation why, check here:

    *Check the tire specs for these two:
    Ford GT: 235/45ZR18; 315/40ZR19
    ZR1: 285/30ZR19; 335/25ZR20
    For delicate steering feel, narrower tires can sometimes give better feel, more progression at the limit, at the expense of outright control in fast transitions. The added compliance of the GT's tires will also help on bumpier roads. It seems the ZR1 has been tuned for maximum grip on a smooth surface (where the weight penalty of runflats won't be as important as on real-world bumpy ones), which is not the same thing as "handling."
    With the engine in the back, the GT won't need as much power assistance for the steering too. Excessive assistance can rob steering feel, and it's hard to strike the right balance with variable-ratio systems. Certain Astons and Ferraris with V12's in the nose (and definitely the LFA) show that a good balance can be struck for front-engined GT's, but at a cost.

    EDIT: added to Car's review
    "or more often, scanning the road ahead for trajectory-altering imperfections and driving around them"
  4. Ford. It's cool and it's fast. The Corvette is just fast.
  5. Ford GT. To me it's the best looking mid-engine car built in the past 10 years.
  6. any one remember the Ford GT power options, including the remapped ecu, pulley, and exhaust?

    there is still some stock ford gt's if i remember correctly, over at that were running 10.9's in their gt's

    Performance wise, give me a GT with mild engine tuning, considering the engine is highly detuned, much sportier tires something like the pzeros.

    I gotta say, the ford for me is just one crazy car and my pick, also i believe that it should have been updated (power/tires) and re-released...
  7. just the opinions from the people who have drivin both cars im asuming the their right
  8. It's like chosing between a work of art and a piece of plastic... Ford GT. The ZR1 doesn't even look special. Whats the point of owning a fast car if it's got a crappy interior, not so special looks, and a badge stamped on and rolled out along with thousands of others just like it. The Ford GT is special.
  9. and a ZR1 with some tiny bolt ons (pulley, intake, ported TB, intercooler) dynoed at 740 WHP and ran a 10 flat.

    dont act like the ZR1 doesnt have silly amounts of power available.
  10. iv said this plenty of times before and ill say it again, the ZR1 wasnt designed for looks and comfort, it was designed for performance and it excells at it
  11. I agree. I just think they could at least make a better interior. I think the GT looks like a better overall deal.
  12. This is almost an indies thread
  14. this is totally youtube level.
  15. still it's more focused in reaching some benchmark as fast times than make the driver satisfied
  16. Depends, I think that is debatable if they are both stock.
  17. I have to disagree, this is very cool also.
  18. park it next to the ford and it will look like cheap plastic with stupid window on the hood
  19. Have you ever seen a "especially black" ZR1 in person? Its really wide, really low, and has these massive looking steam rollers for tires on the rear. It is actually quite impressive to look at.

    Yes I agree that the Ford GT is more unique. Then again the Ford GT is more unique than many many cars that even cost way more.
  20. no only regular c6s and z06s.. still i can imagine how it could look
  21. He's right. I don't like the hood but the ZR1 is very impressive IRL. It looks even more menacing than the Z06.
  22. The ZR1 is exactly 7.23 times more usable than the GT.
  23. the ZR1, outside of the interior, actually looks pretty badass IRL. I think the hood looks corny in pics too, but it works when you see it in person.
  24. ZR1 is the best Corvette ever made in terms of performance.

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