Ford GT vs. Corvette ZR1

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  1. which makes us taller guys much happier...
  2. I fit in those just fine and I'm 6'5
  3. Yeah, the Elise/Exige is the same height as the 2005 Ford GT, which is 4" taller than the original GT40. I'm only 5'-9", so I'd rather have a GT40 replica.
  4. Clarkson could never fit in the original GT40.
  5. his neck is too long
  6. Same here (5'5").
  7. so luke can't too
  8. me and my brother cant fit in them, it took stephen 3 minuts to get in the elise, and i gave up well i did on the exeige
  9. hahahahahahahahahahah aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaahah ahahahahahahahahah
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