Ford GT90 vs. Cadillac Cien

Discussion in '2002 Cadillac Cien Concept' started by jaguarkid02, Aug 9, 2002.

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    yo this cien is off the hook! If they sell it ima buy it. Damn
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    hmmmm... i think this is a good comparison. i think the cien looks more mean with the hard lines. the gt90 doesnt have those lines. it has the curves up around the top and everything. gt90 i would think is faster though becasue of the torque.... if u asked me to say which one i want over the other.. i would pick the cien... it loooks clean, smoothe, and stylish... love it from front to end inside and out
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    first off sorry for quoting that long ass poste
    but hey
    i felt it was needed
    i figured outa list of thigns that are wrong with you and your post
    1) lots of people like lincoln over caddy
    so what a lot of people like caddy over lincoln
    this forum has nothing to do with lincoln,
    so why bring it up?
    2)why did you bring up sales
    i don't think that has very much to do with the GT90 vs the Cien
    3)who cares who mass produced cars first that was 100 years ago
    perhaps you should stop thinking about the past
    4) abotu mustangs always outselling camaros/firebirds/and corvettes vobined
    no actually
    that is one of the stupidest things i have ever heard actualyl the camaro/firebird outsold the mustang until recent years actually (mainly because of the more power and better tuning and such)
    5)ford still uses superchargers whenever they need to make more than 320 hp(i don't count the Cobra R since you don't include the new special made ZL1's basically the same idea, extremely limited availability ZL1 cost a lot more especially if you get the 600 hp version) but anyway so yea ford needs superchargers to make bigger power effectively so what if GM uses pushrod engines
    they obviously work just fine or the new Corvette wouldn't beat almost anything on the road (withing reason i'm not tlaking about lamborghuinis and shit but you know damn well there isn't much that wil be able to beat a new Zo6)

    this forum had nothing to do with sales
    yet for some reason you felt the need to try and make it about that
    i suppose i made it worse by responding
    but shit

    in the catagory this versus the GT90 i'll take this just cuz i'm bias like that and i really don't like quad turbo cars that only put out 700 hp
    although i do like that it has more torque that doesn't make up for the damn blue oval on it
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    wow i spelled a lotta shit wrong in that last post
    sorry about that i would edit it but it would take to much effort this is much simpler
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    i'd take the gt90 just cuz i like ford
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    cadillac cein is way better than the gt90 that car sucks cadillac all the way baby!!
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    Yeah, it will be great! Like an , i don`t know, The Judgement day but in the next few centuries we are not goingo to be able to see this
    If i have to choose between these two cars... i`m not going to race becaouse there is no way to cut myself into two pieces( unless i`m not a magician , and i`m not =;0P )

    Maybe NFS (Electonic Arts) have to make a new game filled only with concepts , i think it will be great to test your favourite car, wouldn`t it?
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    This car is 10X better than the GT90. I would probably take this over any other car. Cads did good with this, but it will probably never come out.
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    come on now... the gt90 isnt even highly boosted. the caddy is nice though, and for a n/a motor its pretty dam good... but until u see the two cars side buy side u cant compare them... personlly i love the GT90 i think its got more appeal...
    just imagine if u boosted that fords turbos to 16psi each??? that thing would needy wheely bars to keep it on the ground...
    close call
    but i choose the GT90
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  12. king?

    the king of sll concepts?
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    I like both these cars but im for the Cien
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    Cadillac Cien is nicer, and just as fast. The back on the Cien is awful though.
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    i choose the cien for many reasons:
    first it has a northstar technology based engine
    second it has all the latest technology in terms of driving assistance and tire technology
    third its design is nicer than the ford gt40's design


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    We're talking about the GT90, but even so I think it's better than both.
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    ok. but as you know caddy is still my preference in terms of prestige cars.but the gt 90 isn't a bad car also but caddy is just superior to ford in terms of technology (northstar engine) and design (stealth design based on f22 raptor plane technology)


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    Ill pick the Cadillac Cien, but if they did make a new version of the GT90 im sure it would kill the Cien.
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    cien all the way, gt90 got four turbos in it to get 720hp,
  21. the cien has it beat in all areas.
  22. GT90 for me
  23. GT90 looks better...

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