Ford Mustang Giugiaro Concept

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  1. aside from the doors and tailights, I like it a lot.
  3. how do you pronounce Giugiaro?
  4. gee-jero?
  5. Dju-jahro.
  6. gwee gar row
  9. yez
  10. Discovery just did a short show on the car. It looks so nice in motion.
  11. i think it looks fantastic. Not a huge fan of the doors, but everything else is awesome, esp the glass top.
  12. its almost as if someone was trying to outdo chris bangle. but not as swoopy.
  13. its almost as if someone was trying to outdo chris bangle. but not as swoopy.
  14. the back is wierd but it looks cool ill buy it
  15. Go back to the indies.
  16. Best looking Mustang ever! That short rear-long front is just... orgasmic! And those scisors doors? They must look as awkward as it was in the Brera. But it sure gives it a "show" look no others would without looking goofy. The rear is sooooooo well done! Love the taillights!

    And who talked about euro Focus front? You mustn't be talking about the same Focus...
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    The genuine horse hide interior was a bit of a buzzkill for many, but the car is fairly striking in person. The connecting rod shifter, side view cams with individual dash mounted monitors, the Mustang shaped cutouts in the grille, the one-piece glass roof rumored to have cost $300,000 by itself, the whipple supercharger, the Giugiaro tires and rear mounted spare were fun details. And the fact that J Mays, Fabrizio Giugiaro and Freeman Thomas were all at the preview along with Lara Flynn Boyle and Dominique Swain made it a memorable introduction. A lot of people were saying it reminded them of the Camaro there as well. BTW, both JOO-jah-roe or jew-JAH-roe were both used.
  18. Sweet...I wish the Philippines wasn't anti-muscle car
  19. I don't like it that much. Its the rear, it just looks weird. The front looks nice though.
  20. redo the back, slide the cockpit forward a bit (so it won't look as if Ford copied BMW), and revise the front and it will be perfect.

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