Ford Mustang under investigation

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    Ford Mustang under investigation for transmission issues

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation surrounding transmission issues in the 2011-12 Ford Mustang. NHTSA has received 32 complaints citing inability to shift into gears at speed. Around 26,000 Mustangs are being investigated because of these claims.

    Regarding the 32 complaints, NHTSA filed this in its report:
    Some reports allege incidents occurred while merging into high speed traffic and others allege that incidents occurred while turning left across oncoming traffic. Some complainants allege that the erratic shifting behaviour almost caused a collision with adjacent vehicles.

    The official investigation was opened on August 3rd. According to The Detroit News, a spokesperson from Ford Motor Company said that the automaker will fully cooperate with NHTSA regarding this matter.
  2. way to specify auto or manual
  3. Its the automatics. And by automatics I mean manuals.

    This is what happen when you source major parts to ching chong wing wongs.
  4. I heard it was a problem w/ the manuals too. I hope Ford gets all of this straighten out.
  5. Only the manual tranny that they are looking at.
  6. Tranny go bang?
  7. Toyota > FORD
  8. What about FORDFORD?
  9. Those people just don't know how to shift. Silly americans shuld stck to automatic
  10. Its that shitty Chinese Getrag/chingchong brand manual that likes to grind gears.
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    Mustang owners have been complaining to the NHTSA about the car’s problematic manual gearbox for months now, with the safety agency finally taking action. Although no recall has been issued, the NHTSA has opened a preliminary investigation into 26,000 Ford Mustangs equipped with manual transmissions from the 2011-12 model years.

    The NHTSA says it has received 32 complaints from owners claiming problems with the Mustang’s manual transmission, on both V6 and V8-equipped cars. The complaints range from grinding of gears to the complete inability to engage certain gears. One owner even reported that after six-trips to the dealer, three new clutches and two new transmissions the issue wasn’t resolved.

    The issue appears to lie with the Mustang’s MT82 manual transmission. Although the Mustang itself is as American as apple pie, that particular gearbox is produced by Getrag at a joint-venture plant in China. This isn’t the first time reliability issues have plagued the MT82 as Land Rover Defender owners started reporting similar problems about two years ago.

    It remains to be seen if a full-on recall will be issued, but the Mustang can nary afford a black eye. The Mustang was once the king of the pony car segment, but the Chevrolet Camaro has been consistently outselling the Mustang for the past several months.
  12. so why does ford equip their cars with them then
  13. just like 3000gt getrags self destructing
  14. Thank God they didn't try to cover it up!
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  16. wow terrible

    #$%# china
  17. China is getting back at the US.
  18. what a piece of shit
  19. Your land lack bald eagles.

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