Ford Ranger with a blown 4.0L V6

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  1. So here's the deal. A distant family member got hold of a 2002 Ford Ranger Sport 4X4 with a blown 4.0L V6 engine. The title is clean as far as I know (he normally doesn't pick up projects with a salvage title).

    The truck itself is an black extended cab, automatic and has 180,000kms on the body. The body itself is in pretty good condition, just the lock on the tailgate is buggered with a dent inwards.

    He wants $1500 for the truck, and it comes with a Explorer (unknown year) with a working 4.0L V6 as a parts vehicle (blown transmission, clean title).

    He wants my dad 94 Lincoln and is willing to just trade for the car, so im buying this ranger after we swap engines.

    Anything I should watch out for? Compatibility issues etc?

    Shitty picture of the ranger.
  2. blown as in supercharged or as in not running?
  3. Not running.
  4. So what happened to the engine?
  5. it was blown
  6. as long as the 4.0 in the explorer is SOHC not OHV then it will swap no problem accessories and all.
  7. Good news, I need to find more information regarding this explorer but I've been too busy working.
  8. Check the rear end of the Explorer, common upgrade for Ranger owners is to take the Explorer's 8.8 rear axle assembly, which comes with disc brakes, and swap it underneath the Ranger.

    Since you are pulling the engine, you may want to consider a 302 swap.
  9. The base vehicle is a 2002 Explorer from what I can gather so far.

    302 would be nice, but maybe later when this engine goes or something. I dont want to do too much work on this truck once I get it on the road.
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    That's fine. Just want to clarify something V8Z said, the 2002 Ranger came with the 4.0L SOHC, not the OHV. The 2002 Explorer also came with the 4.0L SOHC.

    But now I have to tempt you <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>
  11. if its a 2002 explorer its probably SOHC so you're good. Good call on the disk brake 8.8 just need to weld on new spring perches and deal with parking brake bullshit. Its 1.5" wider too.
  12. that's an ouch for your ride!

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