Ford regains #2 spot in U.S.

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    It's been a long time coming. Roughly two years if you're keeping score.

    That's the last time Ford was locked in as the #2 automaker in the U.S. Well, after the first six months of 2009 Ford has once again pulled ahead of Toyota in U.S. sales year-to-date.

    Oh sure, Ford has outsold Toyota on a monthly basis the last couple of months. But month to month sales can be volatile and not always an accurate reflection of where an automaker is in comparison to its competition. In Ford's case, it is now back in front of Toyota. Selling roughly 10,000 more vehicles this year.*blog*&par=RSS

    Oh, that's not all... They also topped the charts in Canada for the first time in 50 years.
  2. lol camaro.
  3. Ford should be #1.
  4. I'm rooting for Ford, atleast they actually make cars that people want
  5. FORD #$%# YEAH... Pwning competition since the beginning of time.

    Imagine when Ford gets in the mood to shit on ferrari again and makes the GT successor.
  6. shitting on ferrari really must be on top of the fords "to do" list
  7. I hope this is a reflection of Americas' confidence in the U.S auto industry. Congratulations Ford, and thank you for putting America on your back. Again
  8. Ya because building niche supercars such as the GT is their main priority..:p dumbass.
  9. nope, its what they do when they are bored.
  10. never said that...meant that ford supercars own pretty much everyone else in the price range.

    Oh and it seems all the homosexual members on here are aggressive towards me. You people need to calm down.
  11. Oh, you're a #$%#ing riot. I have a gf, tyvfm.
  12. lol zr1
  13. lol zo6
  14. lol corvette
  15. Yeah, pretty much.
    GM's G8 is a good car but didn't sell well.
    The current Chrysler Sebring is epic failure.

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