Ford shelves SVT Lightning pickup

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by BringIt, Oct 20, 2004.

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  2. you're a lot boy at a ford dealership. i doubt anyone is impressed.
  3. I'm not trying to impress anybody.
  4. damn, i heard this months ago, but it wasnt really offical, i was really hoping it wasnt true... my neighbor has one, its a bad ass truck. ill miss it.
  5. your actions state otherwise.

    i heard about this a few days ago, but i heard postponed, not shelved. either way, sucks.
  6. more than likely because it was costing too much to dev them both at the same time. itll be after they finish the cobra and have the extra funds.
  7. All of this just means the Cobra will be that much better, that much sooner. Someone said something about Lightning being SVT's halo vehicle. Nah, Cobra has been and always will be SVT's halo vehicle.
  8. Kudos to Ford.

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  10. i always wondered
  11. It's all about dat Tussin, brah!
  12. is that good for the itis? cause i got that itis.
  13. Even though I own a "super truck" [SRT-10], I can see where it is such a narrow market that vehicles like mine and the Lightning aren't always going to be in favor.
  14. should have got a raptor ... or should trade for one
  15. Pretty silly if you don't go off road
  16. yeah a truck that doesn't go off road is pretty silly
  17. most cars can go offroad. that's not what trucks are for. they're meant for carrying bedloads of stuff.

    but i agree, you should go offroad if your vehicle can handle it. its a lot of fun.
  18. Agreed, but I what I was getting at is the SRT would be fun on the street, which seems to be where this guy drives, but the Raptor would be pretty shitty on the street.
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