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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from mr know it all</i>
    <b>oooo gt40 with the classic 1,2,3 finish at le mans, im telling you, ford was the man who invented cars, he gave birth to the mass production model t, ford doesnt suck, ford is just the begining</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->that is hard to say so!
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    "As far as Ford outselling GM goes, you're right again, but who says that just because a car sells a lot makes it good?" Have you ever heard of the dollar vote. This means if you purchase something, you like it. Have you ever purchased something you knew you hate?

    "Oh, and did you know that excluding third world countries, America has the weakest education system? What does that tell you about the intelligence required to buy a Ford?" I live in Iowa, the highst scoreing state in the US of A. No, we aren't all retards. Most of the geniuses that came from America couldn't care less about education. They were still brillient and creative.

    my '94 F-150 has 213,000 miles on it and isun modified. The engines biggest problem is squeaky belts and pulleys. The starter and transmission is all that ahas problems on it. That trucks been everywhere too.

    What does the new Mustang Mach one have under the hood. This could be what your looking for.
  3. Some of you need some serious help

    I have seen quite a few few errors in this forum thus far. Unfortunately many from chevy fans who use the term chevy to apply to all of GM's vehicles. That just really irritates me. I own a 69 Hurst Olds, that I have rebuilt, and restored, with many motor and suspension upgrades. It handles great, it runs low tens in the quarter, and it is not a single bit Chevy. nothing about it is Chevy. I love my car, but you wanna know something else, i like lots of different cars. Including Ford, Chevy, Mercury, and many others.
    I think too many people out there are to thick headed to just admit that there are people out there, with Vehicles just as good and better than theres.I know I admit that I do get beat, ocassionally!
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    I have a camaro & a mustang. although the chevy kicks ass, the mustang is a joy to drive. Chevys r the best. Ford r just better!
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    honestly speaking kartkid, why in the sixties,did chevy write this add:"PUTS UP FIRST. KEEPS UP FIRST."Cuz the vette and the camaro were better built and engineered than the stang. The stang is a nice car but i prefer chevy.
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    Good for you, but mustangs have a richer past and the future is also bright.
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    Hey ford lover`s check out the 0-60 and top speed list and see who you see on 2. ........ I don`t see any on top three on any of those lists do you??? Chevy kicks fords ass any time.and by the way i have never seen a ford do 2.7 on 0-60 but as you can see this CamarO does

    Only GM
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    You ignorant ass hole. The 1995 SVT Boss Mustang beat the ZL1 Camaro in acceleration and road handling in a comparison by Car and Driver. The Boss Mustang does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 10.55 seconds. It is faster than this car even go to the Ford forums and look at the SVT Boss Mustang concept stats for proof. I will admit this is a good car because I am NOT a biased mofo like 75% of the other people in this thread!!!!!!!
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    He is right. The Boss is clearly better than the Camaro which is five years newer.
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    More plastic parts? Less recalls? Rad.
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    Hmmmm that explains a lot. Well I hope Ford makes a new version of the SVT Boss Mustang concept to compete with it. This time with a 5 speed manual. Then they need to do another comparison. I would like to see that.
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    BTW RustangsResurected I'm sorry if I offended you with my misinformation. If not then cool.
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    SVT has the technology to kick this cars a** but their is no demand for a car to do so. In other words, it won't happen.

    I and many others that know me consider me to be quite open minded.
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    I sounds to me like you think companies like going bankrupt. Funny. Have you ever heard of supply and demand. If there is not a demand for it, it is a bad investment. For instance, the Thunderbird and Mustang. They took a risk and it obviously paid off because the demand exsisted, unlike the Edsel(sad story).

    I know SVT ain't the only one out there but they have a chance at being mass produced by Ford like with the Lightning, Ford GT, and so on.
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    Right. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    you cheavy fans need a lesson in reality. First of all the boss beat your number one car zl1 so shut the hell up. Second of all besides the zl1 your next line up car is a vette. A gt40 would rape your vette in a matter of seconds. Next mustangs are still selling while 2/3 of the f-bodies died out. Following the fact that ford is now building 400 hp mustang gts for 2005. A GT is going to rape your C5!! Yeah that's right and the Cobra version which is rumored to have about 500 or so hp is going to rape any other car that cheavy makes. Next the all new Ford 427 a SEDAN would rape any stock sport car you cheavy pricks can throw at us. The 427 has 590 horses to mop the floor with your vette, camaro, what ever else you wanna see getting raped. Finally realise the fact while cheavy may own more value it's revenue is shit compared to Ford. So why are you bashing a good company? Are you pissed of that you defend you crap religiously but to no avail, and the only people that agree with you are suckers just like you who are brainwashed by cheavy into thinking that it's the best car maker in the world. Please **** that you people piss me off so damn blind and stuborn. Oh by the way the mustang cobra R is 5.4 litters you prick not 4.6 the svt cobra is 4.6 with a blower makeing some 390 hp, and it will mop the floor with your camaro, and fire bird. Also the whole load of shit about how Ford cars are not reliable and all domestics in general is some biased bull shit. Cars break down randomly, mostly depending on how a person treats the car!!! I've seen many fords that don't break down and don't have any problems. I've also seen fords needing new engine parts and trannies. It just depends on how you treat your car. It works the same way for cheavy so please stop you dumb BS games.

    P.S the Jag is mostly ford now, they use mustang engines in them have been for a while, and they are killing your vettes in the Trans Ams kind of funny, cause a jag now is basicly a mustang in a different body, kind of like the camaro and fire bird is a vette in a different body. They all use the same shit ass parts. So technicly ford is wooping cheavy's ass and you don't even realise it cause your to stuborn and stock up on cheavy!
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    The coment on top was made after reading page one and page 5 after reading the last page, I probebly shouldn't of made it as angry and insulting to cheavy fans, anyways, most of it is anger going to ignorent ******* so don't be that offended by it, and give up this whole cheavy vs ford shit. I like ford i will defend it with facts on why it's better. I also like cheavy cars please don't make me hate them cause of hatters like you.

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    If it is a chevrolet concept then chevrolet built it. The website your always talking about may have supplied parts but chevy still built it.
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    I already new that, actually if you wanna take the time go to the speed 12 forum where it topic is this or the zl1. I've backed this car up 100% because i like it but at the time, when this zl1 was built at the same time the boss was built the zl1 lost. It's not fair to compare a rebuilt model after words to an older boss. That's like saying which camaro is faster the 96ss or the 99ss it's a dumb argument, the further we go into the future the better the cars become. At the time when it was pure competion to see who made the better car for 2000 ford won by a little bit, both cars broke down too, but that's where it was desided for new millennium, so until the next competition between a new zl1 and a new boss accurse I'm giving the win to the boss.
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    Oh and if you do actually go to the speed 12 forum ther are 2 discussion sites one has a poll the other doesn't. More arguing was done on the one with out the poll, just to prove that I'm not a cheavy hater just like ford better and have my reasons for it that's all
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    Personally I would love to see the camaro and the Firebird come back, I hope that the rumors of those cars comeing back by 05 are true. I love sport/muscle cars of all sorts, jap, euro, and american. I would really love to see all cars in competion on of these years, the s7 the vector is sopposed to make a comeback sometime I think, the viper, f-bodies stangs gt40 etc etc go at it for the best production car and best car for the buck rated from best to worst. That would be the greatest **** ever maybe in 2010 or something, but probebly just wishfull thinking
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    I think your really freaking stupid. I know so many fords that have been runnig for over 7-8 years and they haven't dropped their tranny yet. If that's your only argument then please just shut the hell up just because your 1970 ford lost it's tranny in one year you think that they all do? WTF The tranny that ford makes are fine, and i've no idea where the hell you pulled this worthless crap out of.
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    fords suck
    'nuff said

    they should definately bring back the camero and the firebird, or at least one!
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    Yeah true I let it get to me, but you ever read so much bogus crap that it irratates you and u just wonna really go of on someone? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> What ever I give up arguing with people to much effort and u don't really get anywhere with it cause in the end they still belive thier own story.

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