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    Theree are two tracktuned cars, from each, mustang boss and this, the mustang boss gets 0-60 in 1.8, and this one gets there two seconds later.Chevy might have good engines but it doesnt get to the ground. 'cuz everything on the way is crap
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    how can sumone with the word 'saleen' in their name possibly say fords suck?
    saleen s7 - Ford V8!!!
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    Most of these Chevy owners here have not even driven a Mustang. Hell they probaly dont even own the car they say they own. Just a bunch of childish monkeys that have nothing else better to do that to spout out BS to everyone. I have only lose to 1 Chevy in my life of racing my Cobra. Yes this includes the infamous SS, WS6, and C5.
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    I hope you have more that that to bring it my way. 100 % stock my car ran [email protected] Then after gears, exhaust, pullies, and cold air I ran [email protected] on street tires (310 HP @ the wheels). Now I have a Vortech V2-SQ installed with low 8psi and tuned very conservative and produced 425 @ the wheels. I have not taken the car to the track yet to see the results. So yes I can do more than walk the walk.
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    My 13.7 was with traction problems. With 105 MPH it should have been able to run right at 13.0 in stock form with a good set of tires. But it is run what you brung so either way I still win... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    My car is a 2001. And for you adding the LT's and a cam go ahead. It will be more fun that way, but You will still be playing catch up. This summer a new fuel pump, ported intake, and possibly some headers will keep me well ahead. I was thinking about changing out the 4.6 cams for the 5.4 cams but I will wait awhile for that. My goal will be 500+ at the wheels by next summer. I like the SS and love the Firehawk. I looked into a Firehawk before I got the Cobra, but stupid GM would not play with price. Ohh well their loss. I would not trade my car for anything.

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    Your cars sound pretty cool. There are a bunch of guys here in the Raleigh area with Cobras, F-bod's, Z06's, and a couple of Vipers that get together alot to head out to the track. You would fit right in...

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    Just a small question, what about the GT-500? Is that not a modified ord Mustang? Is that not a FORD? and is it not capable of over 160mph with over 400bhp??? I apologise if i'm wrong - but reading this magazene - i don't think i am.

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    ford suck i know someone that had a ford it was a 1998 qand the ignition fell out
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    ya thats probly cuz they didnt take care of the car. my old cobra could outrun any camaro, cuz they all suck, it could also outrun any corvette. now i have a saleen S-R, and no chevy even tries to keep up. face it all chevys suck, theyre made of crap, and run like crap, and if camaros were any good, chevy wouldnt have stopped making them, they couldnt keep up with the mustangs
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    OK I only have one post in this, the worlds fastest 1/4 mile, 3.98 seconds, was in a stang, cya.
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    Lets all agree. Buy American only reason japanese come over here is cause they kill in japan because high tarrifs on autos from any where in world imported to japan, and there are no high import taxes on their stuff here. At least buy Chevy or ford. Chrysler is now german.
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    First Off Im a 100% GM and Chevy Fan

    But You Poeple need to Stop Bashing Ford because They have done numerous things that Chevy hasnt.

    Foed Started the assembly line.
    Lemans 1966- 1969 1,2,3 place in a Row.....Dusting Ferrari
    Ford F series #1 selling cars and #1 Choice for construction, then Chevy and afer that Dodge
    Police, Fire dept,Hospitals, Rangers, etc All Use Ford vehicles
    Ford Trucks are Very Durable and Reliable Trucks

    Now I am not going to agree , but Ihave heard that Ford is used for construction and also it is #1 selling because it is cheapest(literally).

    But I Respect Ford A lot.. If i were to ever buy a Truck I dont know If I would Get Ford Or Chevy

    Now this also goes toward you Ford fans also...Stop Badmouthing Chevy because Chevy has always made way more Muscle cars than Ford

    During the muscle car era Ford Just had the Mustang. While Chevy Had Chevelles, Novas, El Caminos, Camaros, and Corvettes

    At dragstrips you always see way more Chevys than Fords

    Also Another Reason Ford sells more in its name is because Gm has Chevy(which is close to how much Ford sells, plus Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac and Olds(which i heard is going out of Business)...SO all GM combined vs All Ford, lincoln and mercury combined...I havent calculated But i am sure that GM will win in selling.

    This is Basically My point...Chevy Rules, but i respect Ford Just as much as GM/Chevy

    So Even though Im a Chevy Fan, I Like Ford

    Just be happy Its not a Japanese piece of crap...And by the eay Skyline sucks...If u wanna know why ill tell you

    Corvette Z06 beat it in handling, 0-60, 1/4 mile and other tests

    Car 0-60 0-100 1/4 mile
    Buick GNX 4.7/4.8 11.7 13.7 107
    Subaru Impreza STi 4.9 13.5 13.7 101
    Nissan Skyline R33 GTR 5.0 13.0 13.7 102

    YA American Cars Rule!!


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