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  1. It's nice to see Ford take a bite out of Honda's azz. Honda has always been very good at making cheap, zippy four bangers. They're great for kids who can only afford less that $20,000 for a car, yet still want to have fun fixing them up.

    This little guy accelerates quicker than the Civic Si and it dominates it with handling. In fact, it has better lap times than any car I've seen it tested against. When compared to the Civic Si and Golf GTI, Car and Driver said, "We find the SVT Focus to be a relelation. It's in a handling class all by itself." Ford Focus has made the Car and Driver top 10 list for the last 3 years running.

    The FWD four bangers aren't really my thing. But it's fun to watch Ford prove to Honda that they're not all that special. <!-- Signature -->
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    Let me explain it a little bit better. Yes, Honda as a company makes great reliable cars. Yes, they're no stranger to the Car and Driver top 10 list. However, the SVT Focus breaks down all of the idiotic stereotypes about American car makers. You hear all the time about how "it takes a V8 to beat an I4". Or, "American cars can't handle." You get the picture.

    The SVT Focus is a small I4 that's quicker than any Honda in the same price range, and outhandles every single car in it's class (BAR NONE). Even if you put performance aside it's still a very nice car. The regular Focus has been on the C&D Top 10 for the last three years. And guess what.. it's a FORD.

    I am not saying that Ford is going to take over the compact car market. They have Trucks, Mustangs, and other cars to "focus" on (pun intended). I view the Focus as a "we can do that too" by Ford. And I have no doubt that if the SVT Focus was developed and labeled by Honda, the import fans would be raving about it. <!-- Signature -->
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    Well I hate to burst your bubble, but a Civic Type R will crush this thing, so will a GTI on the 1/4 mile strip. The only reason why there arent any civic type R's in north america is because honda didnt want it to take away from the popularity of the rsx type s. This car is decent although ive never seen one in real life, but its no civic type R.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Mistertwo</i>
    <b>Well I hate to burst your bubble, but a Civic Type R will crush this thing, so will a GTI on the 1/4 mile strip. The only reason why there arent any civic type R's in north america is because honda didnt want it to take away from the popularity of the rsx type s. This car is decent although ive never seen one in real life, but its no civic type R.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Why compare the Civic Type R when the the SVT Focus is equal in price to the Civic Si? The Golf GTI is quicker in a straight line, but not on a track. I'm not making assumptions. I have actually read lap times in side by side tests.

    It's not really fair to compare the Type R because it would be much more expensive, so Honda was able to put more money INTO the car.

    Price is important for three reasons.

    1: It's money out of your pocket.

    2: Most buyers plan a budget, then buy what they feel is the BEST car in that price range.

    3: The more expensive a car, the more money the manufacturer was able to invest in making the car.

    This is why it's not fair to compare a $23,000 Mustang GT to a $300,000 Lamborgini Diablo. <!-- Signature -->
  5. Honda - not that special?

    Speaking of C&D, more specifically their 10Best list, Honda has made it the most number of times. Second is BMW. However, it should be noted that there is a price cap on inductees.

    Unfortunately, there have been recalls of the Focus (although, this doesn't prove lack of reliability, if anything indicates Ford's reliability).

    Dynamically, though the Focus is supposed to be quite good.

    SeansVette, I can understand your stance of regular Domestics (RWD V8) vs. Hondas; however, more puzzling is your comment of how Honda is not that "special."

    Actually, in the FWD tuning forum they are formidable; granted, it gives rise probably to 90 idiots out of 100, but there's a reason that non-Oriental young people today drive Honda FWD cars, and not, Chev. Cavaliers, Fords, and other US FWD cars. I don't claim to know what that reason is, but it stands nevertheless. <!-- Signature -->
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    You people ***** too much. You are way too loyal to companies that on a personnel bases see you as only money in their pocket. Who cares about drag racing, it is gay and boring as hell. Road courses test every aspect of a cars ability. Go watch "The Fast & The Furious" to see that stupid-ass neon coloured drag junk. Any kid with money can make a car go fast.

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    I'm surprised some tool hasn't said something like (the supra would kick both of these cars ass's or something like that) yet..


    anyways this is a good car, and ya its something for domestic hating import fans to think about the next time they say it takes an american v8 to beat a japanese I4 or V6...
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    ummmm a lol tis is so easy to figure out ford 10 reasons 1 ford rules 2 did honda ever make a muscle car 3 does honda have a luxury car4 a focus could wip all civics off the planet5themustangcould beat any honda 6the focus is in the import crazre with the civic accord etc 6 does honda have even a truck i didnt mean suv i meant like the f-150 the f2-50 the f3-507ford has better suvs than honda does8the only thing good about honda is rerally the sport bikesso what if ford doesnt make sport bikes in the future i bet they will 10 if ford does it can beat any honda sportbike
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    why must people always bring in other cars that no one else is talkig about
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    actually i pobably do it all the time but thats not the point
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    I hate to burts your bubble but the SVT and CTR and not in the same Class.
    HOWEVER, the CTR and the Focus RS in Europe are(or were) in the same class, and when the CTR was fisrt announced for the European market, it was price similar to the RS. YET ther RS so completely dominated the CTR that Honda cut the price of the CTR buy almost £4000 to make it the best in the lower price range of cars. Honda is making nothing on the sale of each CTR in Europe but it's the only way they could actually sell the car. The Clio 172 is nearly a match for the CTR in almost every catagory so Honda could not price it above the Clio as once again they would lose sales.

    Also, 1/4mile times are not what make a car, that are a part of it but not the only thing. if that were a case, why would people even bother doing anything with the suspension of a car when they could dump more money into the motor and make it go real fast for a short distance in a staright line...
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    umm i have to get to fifty posts
  13. Re: Ford vs Honda

    umm i have to get to fifty posts
  14. Re: Ford vs Honda
  15. Re: Ford vs Honda

    i believe what he is saying but i need 50 posts
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    Please before responding to this learn how to type.

    1: Does Ford rule? Who decides that? Dumb thing to say.
    2: Did Honda ever want to make a muscle car? No.
    3: Honda has an entire Luxury Brand: Acura.
    4: Some Focuses could beat some Civics and vice versa. Drop it.
    5: Which Mustang are you talking about. The little V6 will get beaten by a few hondas. The GT could tango with the S2000. A Cobra would win any. On the whole they have more torque than a Honda will but saying ANY Mustang is a dangerous generalization. Don't even start with Tuned Hondas, they can fly with the right person.
    6: It is impossible for the Focus to be in the "Import craze", it's domestic.
    6(You cleverly repeated 6. good work): Why does Honda need a truck? They make good cars and small SUV's. that's good enough.
    7: No Ford has bigger SUV's that drink more gas than Honda. No one said better.
    8: 10 bucks says Ford is not going to make sport bikes. ridiculous claim. If I'm not mistaken it was Ford who teamed up with Harley to sell the Bikes and Trucks together.
    9: (There is no 9, I guess that balances out for 2 6's. We're proud of you...)
    10: Are you saying if Ford were to make sport bikes it would beat Honda's? You better take a look at Honda's bike history and success and the fact that they're still being made and sold today.

    Isn't that weird? all 10 of your stupid Ford comments shot down...
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    ok u smart ass canadian #$%# off
  18. Re: Ford vs Honda

    I'll take that as a "You're right, I'm sorry"

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  19. Re: Ford vs Honda

    A couple areas that I disagree with you.

    Acura is NOT a luxury brand, even if Honda tries to market it as such. Do you really consider the old Legend, Integra and new RSX to be luxury cars? Even the NSX is generally labeled an exotic, not a luxury car. AKA "Poor Man's Ferrari."

    The S2000 is a better overall performer than the Mustang GT. Acceleration is very close, but the S2000 handles much better. But what you left out is the S2000 costs 40% more, and that's before dealer mark-up. Yes, S2000 gets marked up at the dealership more often than not. A guy I used to work with paid $37,000 for his.

    Who cares about the V6 Mustang? The V6 is not a performance car and it's not meant to be. It's for buyers that want to pay less for the Mustang style but don't care so much about performance.

    Regarding tuned Hondas: Why do so many Honda fans say Honda is so great for tuning? Just because Pep-Boys sells 100 knick-knacks doesn't make Honda tunable. Small I4 FWD cars have a lot more handicaps to overcome. I read an article in Honda Tuner about a "Vortech Integra," which of course had a Vortech supercharger and 100 extra horsepower. I don't remember the exact 1/4 mile time but it did 14s. Sorry, but doing 14s with an aftermarket blower is not very "tunable" in my book.
    In my opinion Hondas would be great candidates for sleeper cars. But that idea is ruined by the whole import tuner craze.
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    I do consider their sedans to be luxury cars. the TL's and Type S's and such are very nice.

    As for the S2000, he wasn't talking bang for the buck, he just said mustang will beat any honda, so I showed him one it wouldn't.

    The V6 mustang is still a mustang and if you don't like it, fine, neither do I. we're agreed there.

    The tuning, I'll say that Vortech Integra must've sucked. 14 in the 1/4 is kinda sad considering the stock type R on this site does it in 14.8 Somethings screwed up there. maybe it gave it better torque, I dunno. All I'll say to that is that if you know what your doing the light honda pocket rockets are a lot of fun. I'm not going to say this Focus couldn't be either. He was just shutting down Honda and I like them so I stood up for it.
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    Re: Ford vs Honda

    I do respect what you're saying, although I still disagree with you about Acura. I just consider a "luxury" car to be BMW, Cadillac, and those typs of (real) luxury car makers. I'm not saying Acura is bad. I just don't classify them as luxury cars.

    Perhaps I'll read some more Honda Tuner magazines the next time I'm in the store. That was the one and only example I read. I looked one more time it was 14.9 in the 1/4. Maybe the Integra Type R has other mods such as suspension, wheels and tires that give it better traction.

    You have to admit that starting with a FWD I4 is starting with a handicap. That's cool if you want to build a sleeper (see for an example of a sleeper). But too many young buyers are turning to Honda with the impression that it's the ultimate tuner car. They're really not.
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    well, I'd say that Acura's fit into the luxury class when they are compared well with Bimmers and the Lincoln LS and Lexus and such. The CL Type S was compared successfully to the BMW 330ci when it came out and there is small rivalry between those 2-door sport coupes. The TL is able to take on more powerful tasks as well.

    As for tuning a Honda, I don't thin I would, except for maybe the V6 Accord. I think a 2-door Accord can look mean in the right hands and the 6-cylinder is smarter. Myself, if I had the money, I'd go mkiv Supra. I like hondas more for the reliability. my brother's '86 Prelude with 250K km (150k miles) is still running wonderfully!
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    What on earth are you talking about?

    In the UK, The SVT Focus (ST170) costs exactly the same as the Civic Type R, £16000. The Focus RS costs £20000, and hasn't even been released yet (the first are coming off the production line as we speak).

    The Focus RS is meant to handle a bit better than the Civic Type R (not much though), and their perfomances are very similar. The Focus RS is a couple of 10ths faster to 60, maybe slower to 100. But it costs 25% more! It is in the same class as the Subaru WRX, not the Civic Type R. The Civic Type R is better for the money though, IMO (I have one).

    The Clio is cheaper still (£15000 I think), but is much smaller and a bit slower. The Clio Cup (£13000) is a rattling death trap (no abs).

    The only real rival to the Civic Type R is the Seat Leon Cupra R (costing £17000). They are fairly evenly matched, the Civic more manic/better handling, the Cupra more refined/better riding.

  24. Re: Ford vs Honda

    Perhaps that's true in the UK. But here in the United States the Civic Si is equal in price, and the SVT Focus blows it away. As a matter of fact, in our market there is not one single Honda that will outperform it without paying a lot more money.
  25. Re: Ford vs Honda

    Unfortunately for you americans, most manufacturers won't bring their small perfomance hatches to the US. You're missing out on the Focus RS, Civic Type R, Seat Leon Cupra R, Golf R32 (?), Peugeot 206 GTI 180, Clio 172/Cup, Clio V6 (ridiculous, mid-engined, rear wheel drive Renault Clio), etc, etc. Instead you get Pontiac Firebirds, Mustangs, etc. I know which I'd rather have on UK roads...


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