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    -> uhm
    small cars would be a nice choice in UK's twisty, narrow roads.

    Large, V8 powered muscle cars feel right at home in America's flat, straight-line roads, ...
    anyway I don't care if I don't get the Focus RS or Subaru WRX sti or Lancer Evo, for the rest of them there's a good reason why brands like peugeot, citroen, renault and the like don't sell cars in the us and its called quality.
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    Too bad US doesn't have the nice Civic Type R, becuz in other places on earth, other than north america, people compare the type R to the Focus ST170 (SVT Focus). In UK, the Focus St170 costs exactly the same as teh type R. And the type R beats the Focus overall:

    U can't really compare a civic Si to a SVT focus, becuz the Focus is a factory modified car, while teh civic si is totally stock. wut i mean is the focus has some racing parts installed, while teh Civic Si is completely stock.
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    what the heck do you need 50 post for? all that gives you is the name "member" and you can't ban any one till 500 post.
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    i wish they simply bring the Ford Falcon to the states.
    even the Mondeo is better performance than the Focus, and i think looks better also.
    The Peugeot and the Renault are nice cares.
    X-Type 2.0 isn't that bad either...
    and the new Arden X 2.0 is pretty cool with a 200hp rating. :)
    drive that on your UK roads. 19,000 pounds plus 5,000 for the modifications
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    fine i compare the honda, the mazda mps
    winner=mazda thank you very much
    280HP, and fuel efficient!
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    which MPS are u talking about?
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    the new mazda 6 mps
    it is a 2.3 direct injection turbo 4 cylinder engine..
    the platform is the mondeo / x-type , and therefore also has all wheel drive
    the DI turbo engine, is an experiment for Ford.
    the power is good, and the next engine to get DI, will be the 3.0L if all goes well. if the 3.0 gets the ok, it'll probably be seen in the Jaguar brand, and most likely in the X-Type R which is already marketed to be over 350hp... It may also be seen in the possible future revival of the Mercury Cougar.
    so yes, i'm talking about the 2003 Mazda 6 MPS
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    Hey, the MAzda 6 is not even in the class of Focus!! But anyways, Mazda 6 looks hot!
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    Damn boy, you are pretty dumb. 1.Ford licks my nuts. 2.Honda NSX = musclecar. 3.Acura 3.5 rl or 3.2 tl type s, verry luxury. 4.Civic type R wastes on focus junk. 5.NSX wastes mustangs. 6.the focus is a ford. 7.No trucks but ford SUV's lick my nuts big time. 8.Hondas are better than average cars. 9.The honda CBR 945rr will roast anything. 10. You cant count you stupid *****!
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    Very well said!!
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    geeez i havent been on heere for 5 months shit
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    lol a nsx is not a muscle car u idiot lol the nsx never will be a muscle car all it would be is another shitty jap car
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    hey hydro#%$get how bout ur mom licks ur balls instead dumbass
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    At least it's as fast as a Modena and Z06.
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    That does not make it a muscle car. Musclecars, by definition, were 2-4 door Domestic intermediate size sedans with large V8s, and designed primarily around drag racing. 2 door versions built on compact chassis, and designed for either drag racing or road racing were Pony cars, named for the primary car in the class, the Mustang, in 1964.

    The NSX is a classic mid engine GT. Not a muscle car.
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    Yep, that's true.
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    Damn boy, YOU are dumb.
    1 you have no nuts to lick
    2 NSX= not a muscle car
    3 Lexus is luxery, not acura
    4 the cars are in different classes
    5 Check out the 2003 SVT mustang cobra- it wastes the NSX
    6 what the #$%# problem to you have with ford?
    7 once again- you have no nuts to lick
    8 they are daily drivers- ahead of pretty much only saturn and kia.
    9 no comment, your stupidity speaks for itself
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    The NSX is not a muscle car, it's an exotic.

    Acura is more like a performance and luxury mix.

    In Europe and Asia, I mean except North America, people compare the Focus ST170 (SVT Focus) to the Civic Type R. Only the North American get the shitty Civic Si.

    The NSX is a sports crusier, its ride comfort is extremely good. U'll break ur backbones after u sit in the Cobra. The NSX-R holds a 7:56 lap time in Nurburgring. It is a fact. Just check out the video urself.

    At least Honda Civic is the best selling car in Canada, Accord is the best selling mid-size sedan in USA, the TL and Oddessy got the AJAC Best car awards.

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    nsx is a powerful car.
    Acura is more luxurious than Lexus, especially recently
    it's fine to compare Ford and Honda.
    general speaking, the Ford model that matches up to a Honda, will get beaten.
    does honda make some good cars? Yes
    does Ford, of course.
    the next Mazda for example, will have a 280hp DI Turbo 4 cylinder engine.

    Ford will beat Honda, because Ford has greater resources
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    just because its a powerful car, doesnt mean its a muscle car. do research, come back when you are smart.
    Acura in no way is more luxerous than lexus. once again, do your research.
    its not ford vs honda. the cars are in 2 seporate car classes. its like comparing a 6 cillinder mustang to an 8 cillinder camaro. thats apples and oranges.
    ford owns mazda.
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    No, the NSX is not a muscle car, it's an exotic.

    Acura is not more luxury than Lexus, but some Acuras ahve higher performance, but who cares? Acura is Honda, Lexus is Toyota, whihc is the largest Japanese car manufacturer, again, this means nothing.
    Focus St170 is comparable with CIvic Type R.

    Althogh Ford owns Mazda, the MAzda 6 is completely built by Mazda.
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    I said the NSX isnt a muscle car.

    And the size of the company means nothing about the performance of the car. Ferrari doesnt make near the same money as ford, yet there cars are better.
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    Haha, I said that already!

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