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Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by SeansVette, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Actually, import fans would be ashamed if Honda came out with such an unreliable vehicle (I mean an engine wire that might catch fire under normal driving conditions?) REAL import fans are not so hypocratic, they know what's good and what's not good - and the Focus IS good performance wise.

    Amazing how Ford can take such a good platform from Mazda and still #@$% it up (as far as reliability goes anyway). If you do some research of Consumer Reports from people who've owned the car for more than a year, you'll see just how unreliable we're talking about here.

    "The SVT Focus is a small I4 that's quicker than any Honda in the same price range, and outhandles every single car in it's class (BAR NONE" - you forgot to add the fine print: "in North America". You forget, North America is not the only market in the world. There's the Pug. 306, Renault Clio, Golf GTI - all of which outperform the Focus SVT in one way or another. And then there's the Civic Type-R which not only costs the same (a bit less in fact, if you nix the AC), but also outperforms the Focus SVT in EVERY way - it's faster, handles better, more nimble, more durable, and is much more reliable, also gets slightly better gas mileage, and has a lower emissions status.
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    you also forget that price wise here is much different than in other places so how can we count that, and as type R goes it is more expensive i read in the euro magz. the civic RS is closer to the type R. and yes focus has been unreliable in US, not in europe and also ford designed the chasis not mazda, mazda has the operation of the next jen engines for the small 6 and 4 of ford empire.
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    Yes it is more expensive, by a whopping 800.00 € which would make it cheaper if just one feature (such as AC) is sacrificed. First off the Type-R IS in the same class as the SVT Focus, second the RS is not only in a higher class, but it is also turbocharged and yet only has 35 hp more. I assume you mean the RS which is almost 8,000.00 € more and is also in a different class as I just stated in the last sentence.

    I dunno anything about reliability of the Focus in Europe, perhaps their European division puts more effort into quality control, I really know nothing of the reliability there so I have no idea whether or not that is correct.

    So, when ford used the Mazda Protege as the platform, are you saying they ignored the chasis? (kinda difficult since that is the basis for the platform used on the focus) Or are you saying that since the first generation focuses they've scrapped the original chasis and re-designed it? (this is quite possible)

    If that's true about Mazda having control over the next 'gen' engines, then Ford may be something to be reckoned with yet.

    Given prior "mistakes" you've made about the WRC (possibly due to lack of knowledge, possibly due to lapse in memory) I do not feel inclined to believe you on the engines part or the reliability issue, do you have any links I can check out?
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    yes, they might be in the same class,but the SVT wasnt designed to go against the type r
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    Neither was the RS. What makes you think the SVT wasn't designed to compete with the Type-R? It was designed and introduced to Europe first as the ST170, so what makes you think they didn't design it to compete with the Type-R, why wouldn't they?
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    Because the SVT is sold in america, the Type R is not. Why would Ford compete with a car that is not present?
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    He just said the ST170 which is the SVT focus in North America, is made to compete with Civic Type R. PLz read carefully, thank you.
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    Where to start!!
    Ok firstly about the Civic Si not being a factory modified car (Honda rulez), how can you say that? Of course the Civic Si is a factory mod car. If it weren't it would be caled an EX, or DX. Therefore the Si is factory modified, the whole point of the Civic being an Si and not something else (no disrespect intended). So is the Focus SVT. I am pretty sure they are in the same class.
    To TomW. With all due respect sir, it's not that the euro compact market WON'T bring their cars to the states, if I'm not mistaken, it is because they cannot pass U.S. Safety standards (well, some won't even try, but hey...) I think we are inundated with compacts as it is. Bringing any more compacts to the US would only thin out demand for them. EVERYONE'S profit would suffer I think.
    Kudos to Drivingerman for the unbiased look at Ford VS. Honda in the top 10 Ford comments. Good to see that some people still have the mind to COMPARE vehicles apples for apples rather than say "My car company rules, period".
    Kudos to SeansVette for this awesome topic and HIS unbiased views.
    Wish there were more moderators like you guys.
    More Power to Ya,

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    I am real tired of people saying that the focus svt is the out performes all the cars in its price range. For one thing a VW GTI will murder this thing in the 1/4 mile. And when you say price range if you mean high teens low 20's then, and i know they arnt made anymore but you can still find a new one if you look hard enough, a 5th gen Prelude would kill a Focus in every way.
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    No, the Civic Si is basically a Civic hatchback, not factory modified, it doesn't have a 6-speed close-ratio gearbox, it has no racing rims and tires, it shares the same engine as the base model of RSX. The real factory modified Civic is the Type R, remember, whenever u see a Type R (may be Type S sometimes), that's a factory modified car. In Europe, the Civic Type R costs the same as the Focus ST170, or the SVT Focus in North America, both cost at about Euro$16000. And people there compare the Type R to the ST170.
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    read again nimrod, ST-170 = SVT. what don't you understand about this?
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    well what can i say as a fan japanese cars and their automotive history as a whole it is difficult to refrain from using profain language, to say that Ford is superior over honda is quite absurd. Its obvious that anyone who claims this has never heard of consumer reports, just check out the "RESALE VALUE," "RECALLS," and "TRUE COST TO OWN" columns just to see basically that youre a #$%#ing idiot. Every honda is more reliable than any Ford, that cannot be argued. Yes, the SVT focus is more track worthy than the civic Si and im a fan of it, but lets see it last 200,000 miles. The NSX has been mentioned a lot in this forum, as a person that owns one I can say from experience and from research that it can take any ford, any time of the day on any track, or any test short of engine size and horsepower.

    You guys are just not too bright, It is important to stay faithful to your car manufacturer of choice, but to say that it is a better car maker simply because you like it is retarded and juvenile. Ford is very easily outclassed by honda
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    P.S. acura is an affordable lux. car manufacturer. The RSX is not a luxury car comparing to lets say a jaguar, but comparing to a cavalier, focus or honda civic (AKA small econ car category) it is as luxurious as it gets. same could be said about other cars mentioned such as TL, CL, RSX and NSX... they simply outclass the cars in their RESPECTIVE MARKET SLOTS.

    Cant compare apples to oranges
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    Ford vs Honda

    Hell yeah.
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    To Honda Rulez...
    Good point, I guess I didnt really think of it like that, but you are right. I guess my line of thinking is more that they both come stock from the factory like that, but then again I've heard that some of the SVT stuff you have to have put on by the dealer? True?
    Hmmm... I better do my homework then...
    Heh. Heheh.

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    Ford vs Honda

    Ford is better than Honda in every way other than quality, and the way J.D.Powers is going, Honda will have a rude awakening within the next few years when Ford takes it in that too.
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    Oh and I do think that Ford is a better company than Honda is, but they are just now getting the idea of the compact performance market. There is no question that Honda makes an awesome car and, as much as I don't want to say it, Honda is a more versatile company (sport bikes, lawn mowers, and so on). But I stay true to Ford, because in my own opinion, out of all the US auto mfgs, I feel Ford shows the most promise for the future, and I think this car demonstrates that. The American car is not dead yet.
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    Bro what are you smoking, you say ford is better in everything EXCEPT for reliability... But you are forgetting than an average american cannot purchase a new car ever 1-2 years, reliability IS the most important thing BY FARRRR not horsepower, not engine size thats all BULLSHIT, reliability is #1 #2 #3 ....#10
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    Yea, I agree, Ford is the only American car manufacturer that is good enough to compete with the world of automobiles.
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    My dream garage
    2002 Mazda rx-7 spirit R
    2000 Mazea rx-7 type RZ
    Skyline R34
    1967 L88 Corvette Sunray DX 600 horsepower

    My dream garage:
    2002 Mazda rx-7 Spirit R
    2000 Mazda rx-7 type RZ
    Skyline r34 and r33
    1967 Corvette Sunray L88 DX 600hp
    Ford gt40
    Aston Martin Vanquish
    1972 Pantera
    Corvette Z06

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    i do agree ford will be REALLY good 2-3 years from now
    oh speaking of a good comparison check this out
    my bro jason has an '99 SVT Contour with roughly 85,000 miles and it runs fine, on the other hand my other bro johnny has a '00 four door accord (fully loaded) and at 60,000 miles and already has transmisson problems
    arent hondas suppose to last up to 100,000 miles?
    some fords are reliable too specially there trucks
    sorry but the only honda i like is the s2000 and the OLD ITR, as for the NSX its id rather buy an m5 or an m3 csl.
    80,000 for 290 hp? c'mon!
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    u can also get a Viper GTS or even an a '03 E55 AMG <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> for that much $$$
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    it's the power delivery, handling, the fact that it's 80% hand built, and overall high quality design that makes the NSX worth its high price tag.

    Your "other bro" (if he actually exists, Johnny seems such a generic name) must have either purchased one of the below 15% of the cars that come off the assembly line defective for Honda (30% for Dodge) or he must have abused it pretty badly. I've got a '90 Civic SI with over 210,000kms (over 131,000 miles) on it, it's been driven pretty hard (though well maintained), used for rally racing (it's the only car I've got) and has done quite well in the majority of races I've been in, it's got several holes in the front skidplate from hitting rocks while rally racing, constantly driven at over 5,000rpm for extended periods on road trips, and yet the compression rate is just slightly less than it was when it came from the factory (175, 175, 170, 170, generally, a drop of 10-15 after 140,000kms in most cars is to be expected), and the only problems I've had with it are:

    1) blown head gasket seal (left a cloud of smoke behind me on my way to work one day) which got replaced in the period of 10 minutes by myself and works just fine now,

    2) a "shot" bearing in the distributor which resulted in leaving the car on the side of the road overnight to be towed to the nearest mechanic the next day and have the distributor replaced by the next week,

    3) front ball joints and struts which had to be replaced (what can you expect when you rally race a 12 year old car with the stock suspension?),

    4) injectors which had to be flushed,

    5) and a rusted out muffler.

    I've never had any transmission or clutch problems, despite having done countless burnouts, and not to mention rally racing is very hard on the transmission and clutch.

    Now, I have not heard of transmission problems on any new Honda's before, so I must reiterate what I said above - Your bro must be abusing the hell out of his car, or he was unfortunate enough to purchase one of the below 15% of Honda's that are defective, or you're FOS.
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    "The regular Focus has been on the C&D Top 10 for the last three years. And guess what.. it's a FORD. " no, your wrong, the focus SVT has made it 3 years in a row, the regular focus is not on the list, and the civic Si was on it 4 years in a row (if i remember right, i could be off on the #) then it was stoped for one year (they did not make a 2000 civic SI) then in 2001 and 2002 it came back, and both years was on C&D's top 10, the only reasion the civic Si has not been on "3 years in a row) like the focus is because it's only been made for the last 2 years in a row

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