Forgotten concepts that should have been produced

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  1. Name the concept cars that could have become good production cars if given the green light.

    I'll start with the 2003 Honda HSC concept. Might have become a worthy successor to the NSX. The concept car was said to have 300hp, which didn't seem like much, but NSX only needed 275. If they make a production version with 350 hp, it could have been a pretty cool car.
  2. ME412 thread.
  3. correct answer
  4. disgusting, just as the chrysler me.

    give me the peugeot 908
  5. VW W12 Nardo. All variants.

  6. oh #$%# yes.
  7. I like the chrsyler atlantic but I am glad that it didn't make the cut. The production car would be a monument to plastic and tackiness rather than bugatti.
  8. whatever the #$%# this is
  9. Ow and all the Italdesign Nazca cars.
  10. you like such weird shit.

    youre like innotech when it comes to supercars.
  11. and how could i forget the exelero.
  12. Ford Focus Ghia
  13. Yeah, this.
  14. I like
  15. Frazer-Nash Namir
  16. unf unf nnnnghhh
  17. worlds most expensive windshield replacement
  18. Gallardo Spyder Concept. the one with the split middle.
  19. haha i guess.

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