Forgotten concepts that should have been produced

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  1. awesome!
  2. Ford made a concept called the focus when there was already a focus. I remember that it's interior was awesome and the exterior looked like some HR Geiger sculpture. I don't think production was ever an idea and it would be a lot of look for a bread and butter car but it was so badass.
  3. lamborghini cala - i loved that thing when i was a kid

    maserati birdcage

    mercedes C111

    ford gt90

    lotus m250
  4. peugeot and citroen show cars in general
  5. Cadillac really needed this as a modernization of a return to its roots. Big opulent luxury cars.

    Another Cadillac was the Cien. Shit was so cash...At least it got to star in a movie.

    Also, Ford GT90, just because.
  6. YES. This thing is a monster.
  7. Absolutely. (F-type specifically )
  8. Peugeot Oxia and the Peugeot Quasar. Two of my all time favourite concept cars.
  9. also:
    dodge copperhead
    ford gt90
    lincoln mkr
    buick wildcat(1985)
    chevy ss
  10. Samsung SSC-1
    Lizard Project One
  11. yes
    I saw it in Torino 1998, so beautiful!
  12. Chrysler ME 4-12 , Caddy CIEN , Caddy Sixteen
  13. Do you have more info about the Samsung? Never heard of that before and searching isn't proving very helpful.
  14. Saleen Raptor is awesome.
  15. agreed
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  18. i'd say Estoque, although it is not forgotten beside bmw's CS concept
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  20. Agreed

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