Formula 1 in the dark?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by pookkai, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Hmmm. i was lying in bed the other night, staring at the ceiling (because thats what i do), thinking (because thats what i do sometimes). wouldn't it be awesome if the FIA ran some F1 races at night? there's nothing like flying down a road in the dark. It wouldn't be too hard to implement, either. you could stick a headlight in the nose cone, have the drivers turn on their rain lights, and its simply a matter of lighting up the track. i think it would make for an amazing race. think about it... monaco in the dark... wow.
  2. Lighting for the tracks cost too much and blah blah blah. This has been posted before...
  3. would be cool but take some of the F1 out of F1, if you know what i mean.
    Like it would make it harder for farrari to win, nobody wants that.
    besides F1 drivers are afriad of the dark.
  4. i just cooked up a pic in paint. its really bad, i know, i did it in less than 5 mins.
  5. There was talk of the Malaysian GP being a Night Race..

  6. because of the temperature?

    btw, i doubt the crowds would turn up...
  7. I think it would be a good idea, when Nascar does a few night races people really get into it more, it adds drama to the equation.
  8. I am sure there will be a lot more to see can see the sparks, the brakes(pending on cars though, some are designed now that you can usually see the brake disc...) and engine backfire a lot better(even if it is under the light)....
  9. how would the commentators/viewing public see the red/black indicator on the top of each car designating which team mate is driving past at that particular moment.
  10. couldn't they use somekind of reflective paint on the indicator?
    Either way this would never work, think on the impact headlights would have on aerodynamics
  11. aerodynamics? we arent talking rally style spotlights here. supposedly the illumination would come from within the nose-cone, or something similar. heres an idea. a row of LED's across the front wing, Knightrider style?
  12. Enough illumination would be a problem....if this ever happen it'll be like the CART race at Cleveland in 2003 where the track has to be illuminated.....

    why do you think Le Mans cars usually run more lights when they really have to run at night....
  13. i guess my pic dont show up... the light can easily be integrated into the nose cone. easily. the red/black indicators could have an array of led's, problem solved.
  14. Not the question of can or cannot be done within the nose cone(and no, for the reason that the nose is a load bearing member for the front wing and in the event of a collision, you can't just change the nosecone into a big light bulb), the fact that you are not going to get enough illumination cover a good wide angle will be a problem of effectiveness....
  15. yo man. bah im not gonna bother explainin meslef.
  16. Everyone in Malaysia goes to bed at 5pm.
  17. It's possible to do that. Tracks like Monaco, Montreal or Indy.
    It needs some good lighting and it would be fun to watch.
  18. like i said, monaco. mmmmmonaco. love that track. or maybe even spa. imagine eau rouge in ze dark
  19. Spa is to darn big! It's got to be a small track.
  20. It would be the coolest thing ever, but I don't see it happening.
  21. CART actually did night Racing on a Road course (Grand Prix of Cleveland) If CART can afford to do the lights with its limited budget, F1 can surely cough up enough to pay for it. It would surely help audiences halfway around the world if they can watch a night race during the morning or afternoon...
  22. Here's a pic....
  23. goddamn pics dont work.
  24. btw.....pookai, your pics work fine......i can see them both.....and yeah, while its a great idea, i dont see it happening. at these speeds, it just too dangerous, i doubt if the drivers would be up for it.
  25. If there is going to be any F1 at night there must be powerful lights around all the track.

    You can't fit a F1 car with lights that won't affect the aerodynamics if they are going to be powerful enough to give a good view for the driver. Furthermore the alternator is probably not powerful enough, the permanent magnet alternators used are designed for the smallest size, lowest weight and minimum powerloss while also survive on the F1 engine.

    The danger also increase at night.

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