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  1. Does anyone here have any experience starting a Formula SAE program at their school? Some of the mechanical engineers this year are doing Mini-Baja, but I would much prefer Formula SAE.
    I would certainly like to hear from anyone who has some pointers or suggestions in getting started with a project of this magnitude.
  2. I hope you have a dedicated group of people willing to give up their social life. I used to be a member of the FSAE team here, but have too many other things to dedicate my time to it while I'm at school. Try getting this moved to Technical bc thats where all the former and present FSAE guys frequent the most that I notice.
  3. Attend the competition first to get some idea what it is all about. I think that's the easiest way to get a handle of what you need to cover interm sof the whole project. You will need to knock on a lot of doors for sponsorship, machining time and what not. Since there is a Mini Baja in place already, it might be worthwhile to see if the sponsor for that wants to carry you for the Formula SAE as well(or instead). Toronto's team actually was morphed from the Mini Baja program way back. Like venom said, it take a lot of commitment and time....
  4. Alright, so I have some things easy and some not so easy. Being at a military Academy, we cadets don't have much of a life in the first place, so that's not much of a problem. However, sponsorship is tricky, being a military Academy (and thus a part of the US Government, for better or for worse) we cannot actually solicit sponsorships. There are some ways around that, and I do thank you for pointing out that we can work with the Mini Baja sponsors, I didn't think of that.
    I would like to attend this years competition, but as they seem to fall during the summer months, it will be difficult to work around our summer training program.
    Thank you for your input thus far.
  5. BTW, both Naval and Airforce academy of sort(the exact schools I am not sure), both have a car at one point or another.....

    The competition itself though in next year will likely to be in late may, and in 2006 and onward, it is possible to have a split between East and West coast due to the escalating car count at Michigan.
  6. Air Force has a program, I don't know about Navy. Graduation and the beginning of summer training takes place in mid May, unfortunately. I'm going to try to go to Air Force 1st semester next year as an exchange cadet, so I'll be sure to check their program out.
  7. And while I was around I found your thread regarding your FSAE efforts. I must say, your team's entry was certainly a good looking one. You said, though, that this was the first time your team's car has completed the enduro portion. What sort of troubles or mechanical failures led to the previous shortcomings?
  8. 22km sounds like very little but for these "delicate" cars they are a long

    I think our school's team started in 1999 with a car going to Detroit, and that was the first car, much wasn't expected of it. In 2000 they somehow either made a really good car, or really lucky, as the car finished the enduro and finished 8th overall. 2001 was from what I heard a disaster as the car was barely finished and it broke the suspension during the first dynamic day(originally equppied with front pull-rod actuated spring/damper, a hack job overnight fixed it with a push-rod solution....).And it broke again in enduro. 2002 was the beginning of the current design philosophy, the car was fast, but in enduro the car wouldn't re-fire after the driver change. 2003 was a stupid problem with fuel pickup. Not enough testing mileage made a simple problem hidden to us and only to have a rude awakening at the enduro.
  9. -our team, which i was on first semester last year, but hope to get back on, split the areas of the car into teams, suspension, engine, etc. that seemd to work well enough.
    -you need dedication. some people can come an go and just help abit, but you need a few people to hold everything together, read books, stuff like that. you cant do this alone, and you cant do it over a weekend. You'll probably take more than a year to put out the first car.
    -Sponsorship is tough, but if you have someone looking, asking around, you can scrounge up enough money.
    -Keep in touch with other teams, unless they're jacka$$es, theyll give you some help, tips and such. also look at what other teams have done and been successful with. dont try to revolutionize everything the first year.
    -im pretty sure you cant have professionals working with you, but know who to talk when you have questions. email someone famous, talk to the local mechanics, whatever.
    -advertise, you dont need mechanical engineers only. computer, business are good too, but any help is welcome.
    -contact SAE and get information, and sign up.
    thats You will have problems, lots of them, but youll get by if you work on it. all i can think of now, good luck

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  11. been there, done that, but thank you nonetheless.

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