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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by imprezawrx14, Aug 18, 2006.

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  3. This was posted the day after the internet was created.
  4. first chairman, now you... are they letting everyone back?
  5. that thing about the dollar sign was in blackface/DSMowner's sig for ages
  6. What an Imp.

    (you will never live this down)
  8. whaa?
  9. Who cares about the rules of posting? Shit. "omg don't start a new thread go search the archives because someone already made this thread last [email protected]#!!!" #$%# off. People who care about forum posting etiquette are Fags.
  10. Time to bust out the STFU IMPY
  11. i didn't even click on the link. i assumed it was something else.
  12. Impy... WTF. How long has it been since he poated here last?
  13. April 11th
  14. Huh. Crazy. Silly impy. We were going to start a website once, back in the day when we were retarded 14/15 year olds... It would have been lame as hell.
  15. you're just sore still about SA forums, Hongcouver.
  16. I was about to put this in a new thread, but then I used the search button and found this one.

    Yay! The system works!

  17. who the #$%# are you?

    edit: bump of hell oh.
  18. You fail. Hard

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