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  1. I would like to know the most people logged in at one time ever

    And also a list of who has made the most threads

    Could admin provide me with that ?

    Also if there are other stats available it would be really cool to see..

    As a long time member I feel I have earned the right to see that info.

    This forum has entertained me for 18 years. Although I don’t know where everyone went.

  2. Admin?

  3. Chevy?
  4. what about him
  5. 627636A7-B24C-45C8-9460-39E9F239C0DD.jpeg Looking for answers
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  8. Internet respect is the most important.
  9. Jokes aside, it's pretty obvious that the current owner of the domain enjoys cars and keeps the front page up to date. But they don't care for the forum, nor should they - it hasn't attracted any new members or activity for years and years. This means that there is no admin to care for you, or to provide you with stats.
    Also, not sure how you managed to spend 18 years here and still be on the wrong side of the trolling.
    To sum if up,
    Thank you and **** off.
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  11. It’s not a cannon think along the lines of the post u sent me. Just payback that’s all. I actually would like to keep visiting this website but can u quit harassing me? Thanks
  12. I deserve this, I just woke up and saw his post and got angry... I like u guys and this website just I don’t see the need for insults for no reason
  13. I'm pretty sure it's a cannon.
  14. Lol ok when u figure it out let me know
  15. I already did, it's a cannon.
  16. It’s a dick
  17. No, it's definitely a cannon.
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    The likelihood of any of this information being available, or even recorded, is basically nil.

    I seem to remember a couple hundred people logged in at once back in the day. It was busy a lot of the time. If a thread you made in Misc (now gen chat) didn't take off it would drop off the first page within a few minutes. If one particular thread took off any everyone dived on it, it could grow to 300+ posts long in less than half an hour, for sure.

    Chairman definitely made the most threads. He also had the lowest thread to post ratio as he rarely ever responded to anyone or anything. He just posted new threads of news articles to encourage debate, without offering ANY of his own opinion or input. It was busy enough back then for debates to spark up about anything.

    The total members counter climbed well above 100,000.
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  19. That’s some good info right there. Thanks.
  20. Flame wars of were infamous.
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