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    This car is running a F1 engine. Not many were produced (I think under 10). Most are owned by collectors and never come out except for Festivals or Concours. The only performance times I have seen are
    0-60MPH = 3.0 secs
    1/4 Mile = 10.6 @ 136mph
    Topespeed = 208 mph

    Very impressive stats for a 1992 car. Better acceleration than the McLaren F1 LM or Ferrari Enzo. Don't know how it handles but with very light weight it sould be a great track car. The engine will probably be fairly gutless in the lower rev range but it will rev up fast being a F1 engine so you wouldn't be with out power for long. Imagine speeding along in this car with an F1 engine screaming at 11000 rpm right behind your head. I imagine they would be very expensive and rare if you wanted to buy one nowdays.

    Here is a different pic I found of it.
    More pics at
  2. Year 1992
    Make Monteverdi
    Model Hai 650 F1
    Engine Location Mid
    Drive Type Rear Wheel
    Weight 850 kg | 1874.3 lbs

    Top Speed 335 km/h | 208.2 mph Similar top speeds

    Engine Configuration V
    Cylinders 8
    Aspiration/Induction Normal
    Displacement 3491.00 CM� |
    Horsepower 578.00 HP (425.4 KW) @ 11000.00 RPM
    HP to Weight Ratio 3.2 LB / HP
    Bore 3.54 in | 89.9 mm.
    Stroke 2.70 in | 68.6 mm.
    Compression Ratio 12.5:1

    Transmission Information
    Gears 6
    Transmission Manual

    Seating Capacity 2
    Length 179.001 in | 4546.6 mm.
    Width 77.001 in | 1955.8 mm.
    Height 41.001 in | 1041.4 mm.
    Wheelbase 110.001 in | 2794 mm.

    Tires / Wheels
    Tires Pirelli P Zero

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