Found something worse then Mansoy

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Ferrari 14c 15d, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. whats with the multicoloured ganja leaves, greek stensil pattern on a carbon bonnet???
  2. I l ike the sideview of the car. But front looks a little tooooo much. (less is more). The rear also looks cool.

  3. and ya man i dunno it's nassty but i'd say man soy is more nastty
  4. looks more like a circuit racer, which isnt too bad, but the hood is just wrong....
  5. This is like the ASMA of Benley-land. Rear end is nice though.
  6. So this car is going to be in Toyo's booth at SEMA. I'll be sure to get some pics for all of you guys, since you love it so much, haha.
  7. I love it.
  8. I don't know why, but I really love the graphics ASI use.
  9. Like I said, I don't actually hate it. I just don't like the grill and I'll have to see about the paint job in person. The same booth is going to have the Evo X I shot a while back for some magazines. Though, I think it's been repainted since.
  10. Man i hate those richies from Dubi!!!!
    looks $$$$ but thats the point
  11. will show up in every rap video from now until pdiddy dies (or gets shot)

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