Foxconn assembles all your electronics by hand

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    This podcast episode is basically a guy who did interviews and tours of factories in China, including Foxconn.

    Apparently almost every consumer electronic gadget we have was assembled by cheap Chinese hands. At current wages, it's more expensive to make a machine do it than people.

    One person's job is to polish iPhone screens all day. They use hexane instead of water or alcohol to wash it because hexane evaporates slightly faster, meaning faster production. However, hexane is a neurotoxin to inhale, sucks for the girl who's job is to polish our iPhone screens.

    It's a really excellent listen. He basically just tells the story of his time in China, and at the end you get some rebuttal of some stuff from some experts and fact checks.
  2. anyone who has an iphone should kill themself
  3. She can polish more than my screen, if you know what I mean.

    I have tables and bench-tops that she could also do
  4. That is so RLQ.
  5. Ew makes me feel a bit sick to realise my phone has had lady chinky hands all over it
  6. Also i work with hexane in the lab, surely they can just provide protection with a pair of nitrile gloves and use of a fume hood. Then again they probably wont provide them because china
  7. Yeah. The dude that ruined his hand could probably been saved by a two-hand safety, but China happened. That's pretty standard in anything you have to put your hand on here; the machine wont move unless you're pressing two buttons about a meter apart.
  8. This, is, MLQ

    Major League Quok
  9. This is the only legitimate reason for the existence of labor unions. Not collective bargaining agreements or having your employers over a barrel because they pissed you off.
  10. hell yeah i love my iphone
  11. i mean, if these china people already bothered to clean my screen with the stuff, not using my iphone would be like a slap in the face maybe.
  12. At 30 cents an hour wage, the cost of running an extractor fan is worth more than her life.
  13. Good. Nothing like hand-made.
  14. They should just get an african to do manual extraction
  15. Its like the NSX factory!
  16. Its like the SEX factory!
  17. Why? We have Henan.
  18. but go home cook general tso chicken

    don't know how expensive is take away

    gweilo oppressed by overpriced 繁體中文版
  19. Welcome to last week! HA!
  21. yeah just get a load of them there sucking the air, walking to the window and exhaling
  22. see iphones are quality products
    hand made

    like a Bently
  23. The Pagani Zonda of phones.
  25. Oh by acura
    They made the nsx

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