France bans smoking in Public

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ajzahn, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. that's because everything there is made out of straw and paper and thus, highly flamable.

    big brother is protecting you.
  2. I think the same, but the problem is that smokers kill other peoples health too.
    That's why fat people are not forbidden in public places, or alcohol, it doesn't affect other people's health. But for smoking ...

    so I might make myself unpopular, but I don't like smokers in any public places at all to be honest :-/
  3. Definitely. I've heard quite a lot of times non-smokers diying by lung cancer although they had a very healthy life, and also many smokers diying normally at their 80s+
  4. Are you mental?
  5. Seeing grotesquely obese people makes me want to murder them. My sanity and mental health is at stake here.
  6. I'm devasted.
  7. That's Paraguay.
  8. This topic enfuriates me, so I'll try to avoid this.
  9. But ok, that's smoking. All fine and well, but my biggest concern is if hemistage will pass the emission test of 2012.
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    100000 Europeans die in the EU per year due to passive smoking ...
  11. LOL ok I agree on banning fat people at least from buffets ok? Their asses take up way too much space and they need like 10 times longer to decide what to pick ...
  12. Of course he will, he's fully electric.
  13. His backfires require liquid nitrogen to be burned.
  14. Was it his predecessor still running on cole then?
  15. holy crap, I didn't knew that.
  16. There are conspiracy theories that he needs to burn uranium for his stronger backfires but science hasn't been able to prove it, we're not advanced enough.
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    Only that those 100000 Europeans are probably working in shitty environments where everybody's smoking. Personally I support the banning of smoking at work but giving the smokers the ability to take a less than 5 minute break in order to smoke, in cafeterias/bars/restaurants there could be places devided for smokers and nonsmokers and in night-clubs and such it should be allowed.
  18. divided places don't really work, that exists here in every restaurant but you can mostly smell it everywhere, not every bar and restaurant can seperate people with different rooms ...

    IMO, smoking is way too protected, especially since it's so harmful and highly addictive.
    If you claim to smoke everywhere but at work, a non smoker would be forced to not visit any public places if he/she wants to stay healthy.
    If you don't allow smoking anywhere, non smokers as well as smokers can go there without harm, and if smokers complain that they can't visit these places anymore because they can't smoke there, then they're not different from alcoholics who can't do shit without alcohol either :-/
  19. lung cancer is very rare in non-smokers. Like 10%
  20. IMO passive smoking is dangerous when you're working in a smoking environmet. People don't spend much time in cafeterias/restaurants/bars so I don't see any real risk of having health issues by passive smoking especially since there are places for smokers and non while there are decent ventilation systems. That way everybody's happy imo.
  21. so if you want to wrok in gastronomy you have to live with the fact that othe rpeople kill you?

    that sounds way too wrong

    Either way, 100000 are too much, an environment where there's lot's of smoking is wrong in the first place.
  22. "so if you want to wrok in gastronomy you have to live with the fact that othe rpeople kill you?" - You don't have to be so extreme. By that logic it's quite wrong living in big cities where pollution is heavy, crime rates are high, there's lots of stress etc etc

    100000...the EU has a population of nearly 500.000.000 people! Also i don't know how those 100.000 deaths were calculated and I have nothing to compare it with.
  23. Perfect! Smoking is banned here too and it rocks!
  24. Has hemistage even posted yet? i guess mechanical beings just dont care for smoking...
  25. The ban has been in Ireland for a few years. No smoking in the workplace so its rules out everywhere apart from outdoors. I think its great and I smoke too.
    After a night out your clothes dont smell of smoke, your eyes arent sore from the smoke in bars/clubs, however if someone farts your gonna get a good hit.

    Also, some clubs and bars have built some very good heated outdoor smoking areas. Some roof top bars with waterproof flat screens and speakers for music, they are great for summer days/nights and very bareable in the winter.

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