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  1. because i'm stoned i'm gonna try to spit rhymes
    did it the other day and the shit worked fine

    my little cats next to me
    shes mad and she scratches like records
    if she practices she could someday be a leopard
    speckled with spots and spats
    and rides a rocket ship all fast and back to the past
    dont come running to me when the peasants run away
    and won't follow your leadership by the end of the day
    maybe if you had been more involved
    or given better speeches
    or occupied your time supporting your fans back
    rather than say #$%# the leeches
    my words are wet and blow up like star load
    boom box makes my throat scratch like a dark road
    leads you the wrong way down a black top alley
    and piss away your day trying to top your girl sally
  2. if i could try to spit shit i couldn't get left in the past
    its like the new kids to lead the revolution so fast
    i keep my kits of needles sharpened for the thread
    and keep track of oliver twists characters like sharks would sleep in beds
    and if you don't start adapting
    thinking and using your head
    you go extint like my boy fred
    surname flinstone
    wrap around the back of his house and see how his kid's grown
    as big as yours and not even defending his neck
  3. swearing defeat before the captains taken the deck
    or the cards or the gold or silver
    keep the treasures and your kids pleasures
    so he always keeps an eye for you
    and the captain will turn his back
    he gets stabbed and rocked like crack
    and someday if youre good and keep your head
    you just might not snap
    but dont leave your bets outside to dry like your kids cap
    don't let your plans fail like they're not the reason to bail
    and stay to bail water of of the trough that became your life
    flashflooded and drown from a hurricane and masltrom of ridiculous demands of your spouse
    like your clothes food and house
  4. these rhymes are so miraculous
    its like a cat whose cursed his passengers
    and drawn down his enemies like they couldn't hurt flies if he tried not to have it condemned with fleas
    looks like christmas has ended far before its time
    it's all grime and cheer like sticky notes to keep track of yellow beer
    never stop the fear that inhabits your ear from flies to the tries of local strangers feel no dangers
    i havnet had the crass to stop my class from overachieving
    it's better at showing results than praying or believing
    if i hadnt had my anger so seething, you could find me pissed off but still breathing
    my girlfriend just left me the other day
    can you believe it
    packed up her shit still mad flashing around her red flag
    like i'm unhappy as shit i counted on your gentleness to never quit
    i may be a #%[email protected] but i never counted on this to not fit
    and we should always stay sweet and ever be less than
  5. never less than the best cna
    feel my sheath like a soldier equipped with a beat
    rock out in DC like i'm a dangerous cat i'm #$%#in tainted meat
    and tainted saliva so watch out for the eyelid
    i cap 3 times the cats and made three times less raps
    i've still cut twice the trees and visited 4times the traps
    my DC shit is hard our style can't be beat
    from the hood to the projects, to the best tarmac streets
  6. and now it must be deleted for none to see

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