Freight train vs. pile of TNT

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by 2998ccCSL, May 24, 2010.

  1. given all other tangible specifications of an engine are the same, which would you prefer it behave like?
  2. Hmm, one takes forever to reach 60, and many miles to stop, cannot corner and takes a crew of people to operate - the other behaves uncontrollably and does not last more than a fraction of a second and requires the supervision of trained professionals (assuming you can even find it) and special equipment.

    I'll take neither and nominate this as a stupid metaphor.
  3. you have the power
  4. Other, GT-R
  5. Both, GT-R
  6. GT-R, the supercar for n00bs.
  7. Explodable object
  8. Freight train filled with TNT.
  9. If they widened the tracks to roughly 7 3/4 feet, apparently a train could on fact corner at 200mp/h
  10. TNT wrapped in diamonds. Will it explode?
  11. Chuck Norris dies.
  12. Brunel was a genius
  13. TNT wrapped in diamond weave carbon fibre and then exploded: CCXXX-R Type RS Trevita exploded

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