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  1. So you see the world superiority of Peugeot now!
    It maybe the last year of the 206 WRC... the new 307 Coupé WRC will race in 2003... But the France will probably get the championship with Citroen...
    To the man who speak of GMC's 4X4 (ugly by the way), it'd be funny if they place one of their whales on a rally championship! No wonder that there is no american constructor on the rallies!!!(too fat...)

    A funny thing too: Peugeot got more benefit in 2000 and 2001 than the fat groups Gm and Ford...

    If there is other French guys in this forum, they would be laughting too...<!-- Signature -->
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    The 307 Coupe will arrive this september at the Paris motor show , and be for sell in the 1st half 2003.

    So it's impossible that it'll race in 2003.

    I can't see why it'll replace the 206 , considering the 307 is longer and heavier , the 206 with its short wheel base is THE best solution.

    Moreover , Peugeot will soon replace the 206 by the 207.

    Et en plus elle est moche la 307 , espérons que la CC soit moins moche...<!-- Signature -->
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    A good car no doubt, but to say that french made cars are better than american, japanese or even korean is just blatant belligerence... I am from europe and my family had owned a few peugeot vehicles, they are pure UNADOLTERATED crap...<!-- Signature -->
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    He was talking about RALLY cars.

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