Friend was killed last night

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big Rob, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. We went to Pope High School.

    I question how drunk John was. He had to drive down Bishop Lake Rd. in a Silverado Z71, and that road is every sports car drivers wet dream, and he made it.
  2. whoa, sorry to hear this
  3. I'm empathetic for your situation. My friend was killed by a drunk driver last year. She was seventeen, smart, and beautiful. Had her whole life waiting for her.
  4. Sorry to hear this Robert...
  5. Apparently, John is on a 24 hour suicide watch, which I think is mandatory but still a good idea. Word is spreading real fast to everyone.
  6. That sucks. You questioned if John was drunk......but I dont really see an alternative?
  7. you can't change destiny. but you can change your passport.
  8. The story is on CNN teletext/ceefax actually...

    Driver held over passenger decapitation blablabla
  9. That sucks, man. Why can't people understand that when you drink, you don't friggin' drive? why put your life & others in danger? freakin' incredible that some people still don't get that.

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